February 11, 2008
Artcoustic Provides High End Acoustics For The Elegant Leicester Square Hotel – Another Radisson Edwardian Group Hotel

[The following is a release from Artcoustic]

The Radisson Edwardian Group’s luxurious Leicester Square Hotel located on London’s famous Leicester Square has recently been completed and features Artcoustic’s exclusive high end audio throughout the lobby, restaurants and bars.

The Radisson Edwardian Group again worked closely with Artcoustic to tailor the high end sound technology on offer to the exacting requirements that guests today expect at a top hotel such as the Leicester Square Hotel. These are critical areas for a hotel and set the tone for the feel and image of the entire property. One key challenge was to ensure that the acoustic environment aligned with the entire aesthetic experience of the hotel. The Radisson Edwardian group relied on Artcoustic for this and felt it paramount they should also adorn the walls of the hotel premises.

Inside this West End retreat, the atmosphere exudes calmness with its pale leather furnishings throughout and luxurious designer pieces including striking Balinese zebra striped marble tables and Poltrona Frau leather chairs. This perfectly located hotel is very contemporary, comfortable and design-led. The strong design philosophy has produced a distinctive London-style property.

The presence of Artcoustic high end audio products at the Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel complements perfectly the luxurious standards of the hotel. There is no other speaker that can produce such superb quality sound and be aesthetically tailored to complement the interior. The Artcoustic Diablo Monitors together with DFS100-75 loudspeakers and DFS 75-55 subwoofers have been beautifully integrated into this stunning location. Inside the lobby, marble floors and elegant reception desks suggests a quality of finish typical of a top hotel. Guests can register and lounge comfortably while the Artcoustic speakers produce the perfect ambience to complement the beautiful surroundings combining luxurious and contemporary design. The restaurants and bars are opulent spaces set in stylish modern surroundings with rich crème leather and original art. Artcoustic has provided the perfect audio atmosphere in these settings. The systems are unobtrusive to the interior and the guests can dine or enjoy drinks with elegant sounds.

High end sound technology is proving to be a key element in the design of leading edge hotels such as the Radisson Edwardian Leicester Square Hotel. It is with this in mind that the hotel again selected Artcoustic as the preferred choice for high quality sound. Artcoustic has provided this top hotel with the optimal solution for sound with superior performance and state-of-the art design.

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