March 14, 2008
JVC Unveils RSVP2 Video Processor With HDMI 1.3 Compatibility, ISF, And THX Video Certification

[The following is a release from JVC Professional]

JVC enhances its ReferenceSeries home theater line with its RSVP2 video processor, to meet the most demanding professional audio/visual and home theater applications. The RSVP2 features four HDMI 1.3 inputs that process up to 1080p-24/25/50/60 and is THX Video Certified.

The RSVP2 converts standard definition, high definition and PC signals from a DVD player, Blu-ray Disc player, HD DVR, game console, or PC to any output resolution up to 1080p. The RSVP2 serves as your complete A/V hub, providing audio/video switching that simultaneously ensures A/V lip sync and allows a one wire connection to display for all your video needs.

“JVC’s RSVP2 video processor delivers the highest performance and sharpest HD images possible by utilizing features such as true 1080p HD that allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality home theater experience at an affordable price,” said Carl Mandelbaum, National Marketing Manager, Display Products, JVC Professional Products Company.

A feature unique to the RSVP2 is a “Color Gamut” menu with options for Wide, RS1, or RS2. This enables the operator to easily shift the output color space of the processor to match the SMPTE-C broadcast and telecine mastering standards most commonly used in production today. Color space is remapped inside the processor with a 3x3 “Look Up Table” (LUT) through a series of complex algorithms utilizing 14-bit processing. This ensures accurate color reproduction on either the DLA-RS1X or DLA-RS2 without additional contouring in the image.

This announcement follows the September launch of the DLA-RS2, the industry’s first home theater projector with a 30,000:1 native contrast ratio. The DLA-RS2 features proprietary JVC’s patented 3-chip D-ILA technology.

Key features of the RSVP2 video processor include ISF CCC adjustments with ISF Day and ISF Night modes to provide users with optimal settings, two programmable 12V Trigger inputs, upgradeable SD/HD-SDI dual input module, analog HD transcoding and processing and flexible input and output aspect ratio controls.

The following are the key video processing capabilities of the RSVP2:

* Display profiles for multiple display, frame rate and 10 image shift configurations
* 10-bit, 300 MHz instrumentation quality DACs (2x Oversampling for 1080p)
* Full-frame timebase correction
* High performance, multi-standard video decoder (10-bit: 480i/576i; 12-bit: 480p/576p/720p/1080i)
* Flexible digital and analog audio switching and routing - 4 HDMI audio/video inputs, 5 assignable audio inputs (4 digital, 1 analog) with 1 HDMI audio/video output and 2 active digital audio output
* High-quality super-adaptive comb filter with 2D Y/C separation

The suggested list price for the RSVP2 video processor is $3,695. The RSVP2 will be available in April. For more information about JVC’s D-ILA projectors and technology visit

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