June 26, 2008
Aperion Audio® Raises The Bar With Their Completely Redesigned Intimus® Home Audio And Home Theatre Loudspeaker Line

[The following is a release from Aperion Audio]

Aperion Audio, a manufacturer and direct seller of home theater loudspeakers and subwoofers, announces the launch of its completely redesigned Intimus loudspeaker line. The new line is the result of over 8 years of evolution of the popular Intimus speaker series and represents the best sonic performance ever offered. In addition to upgraded drivers, the Intimus line now features a new curved design aesthetic that blends well with flat panel TV’s. The new Intimus products still feature our famous furniture grade finishes and are available in real cherry wood veneer or gloss piano black.

"This new product line is the embodiment of our relentless pursuit of sonic perfection” says CEO Winthrop Jeanfreau. “Every time we introduce a new Intimus model, we look at how we can upgrade the entire line with the latest improvements. In this case, we started with our award winning 6-series speaker line and we added a brand new tweeter and improved woven fiberglass woofers. Then we took this technology and applied it to our 4 and 5 series products. The result is a line of loudspeakers that offer amazing performance and because we sell them direct, they are still a great value.”

The new Intimus line features nine models across three speaker series. The entire line has been voice and timbre matched and every speaker features the same tweeter so all Intimus series speakers can be mixed and matched to suit each customer’s individual application.

All Intimus speakers include the following features:

1" Audiophile-Grade Silk-Dome Tweeter
All Intimus speakers feature our 1-inch, audiophile-grade, silk dome tweeter that has been engineered for optimal sonic performance, even at the highest volume levels. The smooth sound of our silk tweeter ensures a warm, natural sound with no harsh aftertaste. This new tweeter features a unique system of venting to a rear chamber that employs multiple rear vents outside the neodymium magnet instead of the traditional design that uses a single vent through the magnet’s center. This new design allows the magnet to remain fully intact, resulting in a stronger motor structure with a lower resonant frequency, smooth response, and an amazingly pure, natural, and distortion free sound. This tweeter is the high point of our speaker... literally.

Woven Fiberglass Woofers
All Intimus speakers feature custom woofer cones made of strong and lightweight woven fiberglass, offering super fast and accurate response. These magnetically shielded drivers sport a solid cast aluminum frame, heavy rubber surround and extra-long excursion – ensuring superior bass performance for years to come.

Furniture-Grade Finish
Each of our speakers is beautifully finished in either real cherry wood or high gloss piano black lacquer, allowing them to effortlessly blend into your decor. This first-rate cabinetry unites the acoustic qualities of only the most expensive loudspeakers with a furniture-grade finish so handsome your coffee table will be jealous.

Anti-Resonant Cabinet
Every Intimus speaker cabinet is made of rock solid high density fiberboard (HDF) to eliminate unwanted cabinet vibrations, effectively muting the walls of the speaker, ensuring that the only voice you hear is coming from your CD or DVD.

Magnetic Shielding
All Aperion speakers are magnetically shielded so that they can be placed near any video monitor, ensuring a “rainbow free” video experience.

5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts
All Aperion speakers feature 5-way gold plated binding posts for use with banana plugs, bare wire, round pins, flat pins or spades. The gold plating resists corrosion and provides the best possible connection to your receiver.

Acoustically Transparent Grille
An acoustically transparent grille is included with each speaker to protect the drivers from inquisitive kids and pets. The grille cloth is sonically invisible so speaker performance isn’t compromised.

Ten Year Limited Warranty
All Aperion Speakers are covered by one of the best warranties in the audio industry. We offer a completely transferable ten year no-nonsense warranty on all of our speakers.

Totally Risk-Free In-Home Audition®
All Aperion Audio products are sold direct and include the Totally Risk- Free In-Home Audition that allows every customer to audition the speakers in the space in which they will be used. Aperion Audio provides free shipping both ways, free technical support with live chat, email, and toll-free calls, a free customer care kit including an SPL meter (with qualifying 5.1 system purchase) to properly calibrate the system, a comprehensive ten year limited warranty, and a full-value one-year trade up program.

All Intimus speakers are available for order from

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