April 14, 2009

-- Company’s Six Innovative Monster GreenPower PowerCenters Help Users Eliminate Wasteful Energy Drains with Computer and Home Entertainment Systems

By Gary Reber

Monster, the world leader in power conditioning and surge protection products, is clearly demonstrating its commitment to the environment with a line of innovative new “Monster™ GreenPower™” products designed to help customers easily save energy and money. In recognition of this commitment, Monster’s new Digital Life™ MDP 900 ($129), PowerCenter™ was honored with a prestigious Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Awards by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The MDP 900, along with Monster’s new MDP 800 ($99) and MDP 650 ($69.95), all geared toward PC users, are among the first in a family of energy-saving products that Monster are now available to help people fight the high cost of energy and help preserve the environment

Noel Lee, Head Monster, noted: “Many common electronics consume energy even when they're not being used. This includes everything from HDTVs and other home theater components to computer monitors and printers. For instance, you may think your HDTV is off, but often it simply goes into stand-by power mode, and continued to use electricity while you're away. With GreenPower, Monster utilized innovative technologies that work automatically to reduce energy waste from products that are not in use."

Monster GreenPower™ Helps Slay Energy-Draining “Vampire Loads”
Monster GreenPower is a revolutionary new way for consumers to automatically reduce “vampire load” energy drains and save money. Key to the effectiveness of Monster’s MDP 900, MDP 800 and MDP 650 Digital Life™ PowerCenters.is a special GreenPower Outlet Management system that works automatically to eliminate energy waste in connected PC systems. Users simply plug their computer into the GreenPower Control outlet, then plug their additional connected PC peripherals (printer, monitor, scanner, loudspeakers, etc.) into the specially marked Monster GreenPower controlled outlets. When the computer is turned off or goes to sleep, the other GreenPower outlets automatically switch off, eliminating the energy wasted by peripheral components when they’re not in use. When the computer turns back on, the GreenPower outlets automatically power the peripherals up again.

In addition to its Digital Life GreenPower  PowerCenters, Monster offers three energy-saving products geared toward home theatre enthusiasts, the Monster Empowered™ IR PowerCenters™ EPIR 2450 ($499.95) and EPIR 3650 ($599.95) and the High Definition IR PowerCenter 2550 ($499.95). Each features remote controlled outlets that can be completely switched off using any universal learning remote. Users simply plug their HDTV or other energy wasting electronics into these outlets and add the PowerCenter to their remote, then they can use their remote to completely cut power to AV components that would ordinarily use electricity even when their home theater isn't turned on.

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