Mission Statement


Here you will find basic information about Widescreen Review magazine, now in its 33rd year of publication. Find out why we're known worldwide as the "Essential Home Theatre Resource!"

Widescreen Review is intended for both the casual viewer and the optical disc home theatre enthusiast. The print edition and interactive webzine edition of the magazine will appeal to the home theatre enthusiast with an appreciation for widescreen motion pictures presented on Blu-ray Disc™ in their original aspect ratio composition as produced for theatrical exhibition.

Widescreen Review defies the trend capitalized on by traditional audio/video-oriented publications, with a clearly defined focus on home entertainment's future—high-definition widescreen digital surround home theatre presentations—both hardware and software�and the supporting technology. Our mission is to educate our readers as to component selection and system setup considerations that are aimed at "the best that it can be" home theatre experience. We are advocates at heart for the advancement of quality audio and video performance, and we believe that consumers want to understand the technologies and approaches that will provide an optimum widescreen digital surround home theatre experience.

A primary component of the editorial content is aimed at our readers� interests in widescreen Blu-ray Disc picture quality and sound quality, the making of movies as it relates to a quality transfer of the picture and sound to optical disc, and in the latest technologies and equipment impacting the future of home theatre widescreen presentations. Technical excellence in presentation is a primary concern. Each department in the magazine is designed to educate and inform our readers.