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Sound And Picture
Supplemental Criteria
Subjective Criteria

General Information Criteria Search

MPAA Rating:
Print Edition:
Color Type:
Closed Captioned: Yes No
Chaptered/Scene Access: Yes No
THX® Digitally Mastered: No Yes

Sound & Picture Criteria Search

Theatrical Soundtrack
Theatrical Sound:
Re-Issue Theatrical Sound:
DVD Soundtrack
Dolby Digital 4.0: No Yes
Dolby Digital 4.1: No Yes
Dolby Digital 5.0: No Yes
Dolby Digital 5.1: No Yes
Dolby Digital Surround EX: No Yes
DTS Digital Surround 4.0: No
DTS Digital Surround 4.1: No Yes
DTS Digital Surround 5.0: No Yes
DTS Digital Surround 5.1: No Yes
PCM 1.0: Mono No Yes
PCM 2.0: Dolby Surround No Stereo
Remastered Dolby Digital: No Yes
Remastered DTS Digital Surround: No Yes
Picture Criteria Search
Principal Photography:
Theatrical Aspect Ratio:

Supplemental Criteria Search

Audio Commentary: Yes No
Music Video(s): Yes No
Behind-The-Scenes Documentary/Featurette: Yes No
Interview(s): Yes No
Production Stills: Yes No
Conceptual Artwork/ Storyboards: Yes No
Deleted Scenes: Yes No
Outtakes: Yes No
Bloopers: Yes No
Isolated Music Score: Yes No
Director's Cut: Yes No
Production Notes/History: Yes No
Production Scrapbook: Yes No
Booklet: Yes No
TV/Radio Spots: Yes No
Trailer(s): Yes No
Other Supplementals: Yes No

Credits Criteria Search

Screenplay/Written By:
Director Of Photography:
Production Designer:
Visual Effects:
Costume Designer:
Supervising Sound Editor:
Re-Recording Mixer:
Executive Producer:

Subjective Criteria Search

Critics' Composite Score:
Surround Bass Below 50Hz: Yes No
Aggressive Surround: Yes No
Intense 25Hz Bass: Yes No
Deep Bass System Challenging: Yes No
Aggressive .1 LFE: Yes No
Holosonic™ Soundfield: Yes No
Aggressive Split Surround: Yes No
Center Back Surround Imaging:: Yes No
Directionalized Dialogue: Yes No
Superb Special Visual Effects Quality: Yes No
Superb Color Fidelity: Yes No
Superb Cinematography: Yes No
Superb Sound Effects Recording Quality: Yes No
Superb Music Score Recording Quality: Yes No
WSR Reference LaserDisc: Yes No
WSR Picture Rating:
WSR Sound Rating:
Collector Edition: Yes No
LaserDisc Review Type: