September 17, 2008
CEDIA EXPO D-BOX Motion Code™ System

D-BOX expands Blu-ray Motion Code collection, helping viewers Live The Action.

By Gary Reber

I continue to be amazed and impressed with the innovation and creativity that my friends at D-BOX introduce. Since its introduction a decade ago, I have been an advocate for the company’s Motion Code™ System, writing about it extensively over the years. We have two D-BOX systems at Widescreen Review, one is a platform system in our Holosonic® Spherical Surround™ Home Theatre Laboratory, and the other is a custom Fortress Seating love seat with a built-in Motion Code System in my personal home theatre reference system.

At the CEDIA EXPO, D-BOX proudly showcased its newly produced corporate video entitled, “Live The Action.” This is one of the best educational videos I have viewed and perfectly explains how the system works and the creative elements that are involved in producing motion codes for hundreds and hundreds of movies. The system enables home theatre enthusiasts to experience real-life motion in their seating that’s in perfect sync with the actual on-screen action. The D-BOX system generates a wide range of Motion Effects, or MFX, and Intelligent Vibrations from subtle to intense. The system is available in a platform configuration, in which you place
seating of your choice on the platform; retrofit motion platforms, which can be adjusted up to the width of a love seat; and built-in single chair or love seat versions available from several seating manufacturers.

We are all familiar with audio/video as a term to describe the components of a home theatre system, but now we should ad “m” for audio/video/motion. I strongly believe that the D-BOX Motion Code System adds an incomparable dimension to the home theatre experience. There is nothing that compares. And when high-performance 3D reaches home, the two will deliver an experience that will be absolutely addicting. Already, it has been adopted in the Blu-ray™ format standard, and a number of studios are promoting their titles as being delivered with the D-BOX Motion Code embedded in the disc. (

I recommend that you explore the D-BOX Web site. And as always, look for new performance product reviews in upcoming Widescreen Review issues. 

Gary Reber
Editor-In-Chief & Publisher
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