June 25, 2009
Digital Projection Launhes New DLP® Displays At InfoComm

By Gary Reber

Digital Projection launched a variety of exciting new DLP® displays at infoComm 2009. From the 20+ displays that make up their 3D product line to the brand new single-chip M-Vision series, DP displayed numerous products that embody commercial AV innovation. Additionally, DP delivered training on how to integrate these new products into daily applications.

New Products

DP introduced new large-venue, 3-chip LIGHTNING 45-sx+, LIGHTNING 45-1080p and LIGHTNING 45-WUXGA DLP™ displays. In addition to being the brightest displays in the industry, the new LIGHTNINGS contain Intelligent Lens Memory, plus the same color controls and efficiency that have made the LIGHTNING the world's premier large-venue projector.

 M-Vision 1080p-LED
There was plenty of LED news at the show, but DP was the only company that dared show video content! The 10,000:1 dynamic black contrast revealed a depth of color saturation and accuracy previously unheard of for a single-chip projector. With a wide array of lenses, plentiful lens shift and a 60,000+ hour life span, the LED was a huge hit.

M-Vision 1080p-260
Incredibly bright, beautiful
imagery from an efficient, affordable single-chip display -- what more needs to be said? DP's new M-Vision series marks a bold change within the single-chip projection market. The small chassis, optional ceiling mount, plentiful lens shift and 3,500 lumens make it the versatile, powerful choice for any small to medium commercial application.

New WUXGA 3D Displays
If you attended the show and wanted to find the DP booth, all you needed to do was follow the crowds. DP's remarkable new Active 3D-enabled 3D displays delivered immersive experiences in both the Ultra Contrast theater and the Mechdyne immersive 3D simulation pod. DP's new 3D units provide less than one frame of latency due to the "direct to DMD" high bandwidth input. All 3D units also include DP’s FastFrame smear reduction, as well as Dual Flash Processing, which supports the display of 60 Hz sources at frame rates up to 120 Hz.

Through the new WUXGA displays, both the TITAN and LIGHTNING Pro series gained the new 16x10 resolution that is seeing swift adoption in high-resolution desktop and notebook computer displays. With seven new WUXGA 3D units, plus two TITAN WUXGA non-3D displays, customers now have a variety
of options in this resolution.

For more information visit digitalprojection.com

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