August 5, 2009
Optoma Expects HD20 Projector To Turn More Living Rooms into Personal Movie Theaters

Full High Definition Projector Is Latest Result of Collaboration with Digital Light Processing™ Creator Texas Instruments

By Gary Reber

Optoma Corp., one of the world’s favorite projector brands, today announced the full high definition (HD) Optoma HD20 projector that promises to turn more living rooms into personal movie theaters.

The projector is one of Optoma’s latest results in a collaboration with the creator of digital light processing™(DLP™)technology, Texas Instruments. The projector produces a stunningly bright image with balanced color, excellent clarity and exceptional contrast between light and shade.
The HD20 provides 1920 x 1080 native resolution, high brightness at around 1700 ANSI lumens and a high 500:1 ANSI contrast ratio, all for a price that Optoma expects to be afffordable to a wider range of home consumers.
With a projected image that ranges from 38 to 300 inches, the HD20 offers a big-screen experience that makes even the largest flat panel displays seem small. The projector has connectors for key video standards such as high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) as well as personal computer video standards.

“We expect the HD20 to appeal to more people who want to make their homes a great place for entertainment,” said Optoma Asia General Manager Telly Kuo. “By creating the cinematic experience in their own living rooms, these people can also save the time and money they would ordinarily spend by going to a movie.”

The compact and stylish design of the HD20 will make it an attractive addition to any home. The projector sets up easily on a table top or suspends from a ceiling and can easily project a 100” image within the short distance of 3.32 meters.
The HD20 is very compact at 32.4 cm x 23.4 cm and light, weighing in at 2.88 kg.
The light and compact design of the HD20 make it simple to share big-screen full HD 1080p movies and video clips with friends and family anywhere.

The projector also has professional color and image adjustment features including four sets of user-definable processing engines for color temp, gamma, B/W extension and RGB gain/bias. Integrated image manipulation features include format, overscan, zoom and digital image shift.

In addition to Optoma, Taiwan also has other major branded projector companies such as BenQ Corp.

In just a few years, Optoma has become one of the largest projector brands in the world by offering products that have quickly won favor with consumers.
Some of Optoma’s latest hits include the pocket-sized PK101 projector, which has redefined on-the-go presentations. The PK101 connects easily with mobile phones, iPods and other digital devices to present videos, internet websites and photos without using a laptop. The battery-operated PK101 even works in places where there are no wall-mounted power sockets.

Optoma’s more recent PK102 pocket projector has 4GB of internal memory that can store presentations and other files.

Optoma’s product line includes projectors for meetings, educational purposes, high-definition home theater uses, video and television display and all-in-one products to make business more efficient, education more effective and life more exciting.

Optoma is a new brand from Taiwan that has been No. 1 globally in DLP projectors for three consecutive years. Optoma's product line-up includes multimedia projectors for mobile, fixed installations and home theaters, as well as HD displays.
With advanced optical engineering expertise and dedication to superb product quality, Optoma's innovative products are carefully crafted to incorporate the latest refinements in video display technology. By integrating Texas Instruments' DLP® technology, Optoma's products combine superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering to deliver images that are bright, crystal clear, and finely-tuned for tone and color.

To promote the island’s industry, the Taiwan government has made the development of branding a key task for raising the competitiveness of Taiwan’s economy.

There are two ultimate goals of the Branding Taiwan program. The first is integrating resources to assist the establishment of brands and create a favorable environment for development; the second is to aid Taiwan enterprises in brand development and increase the value of Taiwan’s international brands.

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