September 11, 2009
Runco Quantum Color LED Projector

By Gary Reber

Runco has changed the landscape of custom home theatre projection once again with its QuantumColor Series projectors, introduced today at the 2009 CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Runco's revolutionary QuantumColor™ projectors pair game-changing, virtual lifetime solid-state energy-saving LED technology with proprietary Runco engineering to create high performance and customization. The Runco QuantumColor Series maximizes the benefits of Runco’s new InfiniLight™ lampless flat-light LED illumination technology to provide an infinite light source that creates an energy-efficient projector with the widest color gamut ever available in home theatre projection.The projector is capable of accurately reproducing the color gamut of DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative), Adobe RGB, sRGB, REC 709 and REC 601. The Adobe RGB gamut allows users to properly view digital photography for professional graphic design, phoography, and printing.

But simply creating a projector platform with lampless technology and the largest color gamut isn’t enough for home theatre perfection. Harnessing its incredible color options, Runco introduces its

revolutionary new Personal Color Equalizer™ (PCE), which allows color adjustment that includes settings exactly matched to the definition of Hollywood’s cinematographers and the color preferences of each individual viewer for each source. Proprietary Runco Smart Color (RSC™) provides a hue compensation curve and gamut mapping that allows for lifelike, accurate flesh tones while increasing color saturation, without sacrificing the purity of other colors. Utilizing Runco proprietary InfiniLight, Personal Color Equalizer and Runco Smart Color, Runco has created products that will revolutionize home theater projection.

The projectors also enaable zero black lumens for absolute blacks as well as increased color brightness up to 135 percent of NTSC colors (compared to lamp-based projectors that are limited to 71 percent). The black-and-white contrast performance on both projectors immeasurably exceeds 20,000:1. As well, the Color Contrast ratio of the darkest colors to the brightest colors can be adjusted to allow additional headaroom to intensify the colors without clipping.  

The demonstration was impressive
with approximately 450 to 600 ANSI lumens of light output on an approximate 6-foot-wide Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 screen at approximately 23 footLambets on the screen. The colors could be adjusted to really pop with full saturation while retaining natural fleshtone hues. The result was an extremely pleasurable picture. The projector, of course, because of its wide color gamut is perfectly capable of accurate reproduction in accordance with SMPTE standards and is both ISF and THX certified.


Combining Runco’s game-changing InfiniLight™ LED lampless technology, Personal Color Equalizer and Runco SmartColor with Runco’s latest-generation DHD external controller/processor and full ISF calibration suite, the Q-750d establishes a new benchmark for flawless projection at $17,995. The DHD 3 controller processor features Runco's advanced Vivix III 1080p processing with Vivix VirtualWide and new
VirtualCinema aspect ratios.


Integrating Runco’s award-winning controller/processor technology, the Q-750i sets new standards in projection with Runco’s game-changing InfiniLight™ LED lampless technology, Personal Color Equalizer and Runco SmartColor at $14,995.

Both DLP projectors are rated to yield 70 percent less energy, and eliminate the requirment for a color wheel.


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