September 21, 2009
Theta Digital Debuts Casablanca III HDMI 1.3b Upgrade

By Gary Reber

The most widely acclaimed manufacturer of high-end audio components, Theta Digital, is introducing an HDMI 1.3b Upgrade for its extraordinary Casablanca III Music & Cinema Controller.


Long regarded as the reference standard in preamplifier / processors, the Casablanca III will now support HDMI 1.3b audio and video signals.


Capitalizing on the flexible, card-based architecture of the Casablanca III, the HDMI 1.3b compliant hardware and software will provide four HDMI 1.3b inputs and one HDMI 1.3b output.  New formats such as Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ are now able to be accessed, leveraging Theta’s legendary expertise in D / A conversion technology, providing the highest levels of performance possible.  The Xtreme D-2, Superior II and Premium DAC cards for the Casablanca III are already capable of processing signals of this caliber – yet another indication of Theta’s forward-thinking designs.


This HDMI 1.3b upgrade will also allow the Casablanca III to switch and pass full HD video signals from sources to a display device at resolutions up to 1080p with no artifacts or degradation.


True to Theta Digital’s long-standing tradition of providing upgrade paths, owners of previous generation Casablanca I and Casablanca II units can upgrade to the Casablanca III, to gain access to this HDMI 1.3b option.  Theta Digital is the only manufacturer in existence to provide this level of upgradeability, and has done so since the original Casablanca debuted over a decade ago.





  • Fully compliant HDMI 1.3b upgrade


  • Internal and seamless integration with existing Casablanca III architecture


  • Access to high resolution audio formats such as Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ signals


  • 1080p HD video switching and pass through


  • RS-232 capability for external control from Crestron®, AMX®, etc.


Availability: Q4 2009

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