September 22, 2009
KEF Announces Breakthrough Wireless Subwoofer

Legendary Loudspeaker Brand Delivers Deep, Dynamic tuneful bass with intelligent, interference-free signal technology

By Gary Reber

 KEF, the renowned British manufacturer of innovative, reference-quality loudspeakers, unveiled a cutting-edge subwoofer that combines the freedom and convenience of no speaker wires with remarkable sound quality. The new HTB2SE-W takes a quantum leap forward in the evolution of KEF audio technology to make the promise of a high performance wireless subwoofer a reality.
The HTB2SE-W is a marriage of two KEF award-winning products – the HTB2 subwoofer, part of the KEF Home Theater line of 5.1 audio systems, and the Universal Wireless kit.  Both have won multiple awards across the globe, making them a perfect fit in the union of form and function.  
The new wireless subwoofer is worthy of the KEF name, synonymous for the most demanding home theatre and music systems. The installer or end-user can locate the HTB2SE-W virtually anywhere in the room they like and without the clutter and constraints typically encountered with a wired sub. Then they can enjoy remarkable bass with
lifelike clarity and detail; all with reliable performance and a lack of interference.  
Once in use, the impressive technology can be forgotten because the subwoofer’s automated signal processing means there are no buttons or dials to get in the way of enjoying great bass.
“Finally, discriminating music and movie lovers can have a great sounding subwoofer without having to fuss with wires and complicated setup”, commented Alec Chanin, President of KEF America. “With our new HTB2SE-W, the end-user can be up and running in minutes without wires running across their floor. Better yet, its unique design with vertical or horizontal placement options, it can be placed almost anywhere in the listening area. This sub is finally what the market has been waiting for. ”       
A compelling combination of signal transmission, reception, and processing technologies come together in this next generation of KEF’s wireless system to ensure superb signal reliability and CD-quality sound transmission.
Using the acoustic design from the multi-award winning HTB2SE, the subwoofer’s
ultra-reliable, high efficiency, 250W Class-D amplifier powers a 250mm (10in.) driver which, together with a matching auxiliary bass radiator produces amazingly deep, solid, and tuneful bass.
Whether you prefer to position it vertically or horizontally, you get the same great performance: an acoustically inert, extremely stylish enclosure shaped to eliminate internal standing waves. Extremely fast response and SmartBass™ ‘connect and go” versatility combined with easy to use bass boost and phase controls to make the most of the sub’s position in the room.
The KEF HTB2SE-W comes complete with amplifier and wireless transmitter for $1,200 MSRP. It is available to order now and will be shipping in October 2009.
Key Features:

High Performance- CD quality audio transmission with latest technology to ensure real-time audio with no loss or dropouts. Dynamic 10” bass driver with 10” ABR.  
Powerful- 250 Watt, state-of-the-art Class D amplifier
Reliable- HFADPCM wireless technology provides freedom from interference and automatic
channel selection for trouble-free operation
Simple to set up and easy to operate- comes complete for quick installation.
Stylish- elegant design allows subwoofer to be placed vertically or horizontally
About KEF
KEF, a division of GP Acoustics, is a UK-based company that has earned a reputation as the premier manufacturer of stunning, audiophile-quality speakers for modern home theater, hi-fi and custom installation applications. KEF products, distributed around the world, have won awards on both sides of the Atlantic. KEF is a brand name long associated with style, quality and technical innovation. Founded in 1961 by a British electrical engineer named Raymond Cooke on the banks of the River Medway, KEF is driven by a passionate belief in the power of innovation and quality. Still occupying the same riverbank site, KEF remains passionate about its patented, proven technologies such as Uni-Q® and ACE®. These characteristics, traditions and, above all, quality, secure KEF's reputation as a world class manufacturer of the best speakers in the world.

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