September 23, 2009
Tributaries’® Delivers Brighter Days for Insta

By Gary Reber

Tributaries®, the acknowledged leader in value-high-end connectivity for home and professional A/V systems and custom installations continues to mark its territory in the accessories category as well. Originally developed as an installation tool for the new line of T100 and T200 Power Managers, Tributaries in response to feedback from the field, is now making its LED Gooseneck Light available as a separate SKU. For retailers, Tributaries has packaged in display, making it suitable for stores.


The 12-inch gooseneck is designed to be plugged-in to a USB receptacle on either the front or rear panel of the T100 or T200 providing enough light to read the nomenclature on the equipment. The LED design provides a cool, long-lasting light that can be used with a laptop computer or any other USB powered device. For convenience, the gooseneck lamp is fitted with a permanent magnet that provides a way of attaching the light, when unused, to a steel surface.


“For many installers, working behind a home theater equipment rack can be difficult and often times frustrating,” said Joe Perfito, President of Tributaries. “The space is usually confining, the lighting poor, and an excess of wire and cables make it difficult to maneuver.  Sometimes, it’s just the little attention to detail for a problem-solver that makes a hard day, a bit easier.”


The Tributaries LED Gooseneck has a suggested retail price of $20 and is available now.


About Tributaries®

Established in 1991 in Orlando, Florida, Tributaries® is an acknowledged leader in the design, production, and distribution of high-quality audio and video interconnect cables, speaker wires, accessories, and electronics. The company prides itself on its customer service, and has won the CE industry magazine Inside Track Supplier Loyalty Awards a total of twelve times in the past thirteen years.


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