September 24, 2009
Screen Research Expands Acoustically Transparent Screen Fabric Range With ClearPix3

ISF-certified ClearPix3 offers a new entry point to acoustic transparency.

By Gary Reber

Screen Research recently introduced the new ClearPix3 Supreme White 1.0 screen fabric. Designed as a complement to the award-winning and patented ClearPix2 screen fabric, ClearPix3 completes a unique range of eight ISF®-certified screen fabrics and offers a new entry point to the Screen Research range of acoustically transparent screen fabrics.
The ISF-certified ClearPix3 Supreme White 1.0 screen fabric is the ideal entry-level solution, offering a combination of acoustic transparency, perfect color balance and unity gain. Coupled with Screen Research’s award-winning audio and video performance, this fabric’s proprietary weave is moiré-resistant, making it suitable for use with all fixed pixel matrix projectors and in controlled light conditions.
ClearPix3 Supreme White 1.0
Substrate color: Matte White
On-axis Gain: 1.0
Viewing Angle: 160°
Compatible with controlled light conditions
Perfect color balance and white field uniformity with no hot spots
Acoustically Transparent
Designed for use with all fixed pixel matrix projectors
ClearPix3 Supreme White 1.0 currently shipping.
For more information on Screen Research, please visit: To contact Screen Research for general inquiries, email or for technical support.
About Screen Research
Headquartered in Nantes, France, Screen Research is a world-class provider of innovative projector screen solutions designed for custom home theater and professional cinema applications. Distributed in 40 countries worldwide, Screen Research offers an extensive line of state-of-the-art video projection screen solutions, most notably its award-winning ClearPix® acoustically transparent THX® and ISF® certified screens.

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