September 25, 2009
Induction Dynamics Introduces RockSolid™ Outdoor Loudspeaker

Hole-free rock surface provides omnidirectional, high fidelity sound

By Gary Reber

class="MsoNormal">Induction Dynamics, an Overland Park, Kansas based audio company, has introduced the RockSolid™ line of outdoor speakers.  These products use the company’s SolidDrive® transducers to reproduce high quality audio from a molded polyurethane shell shaped like a large rock. Unlike other “rock” speakers which use a rock-shaped enclosure for a standard speaker, the RockSolid surface IS the speaker.  The SolidDrive transducers mount on the inside of the RockSolid shell, and drive the entire surface of the “rock”.  The result is omnidirectional coverage and high fidelity sound that seemingly comes out of nowhere.


“The RockSolid is unique in many respects,” said Chris Combest, CEO of MSE Audio Group. “First, there are no grille holes in the rock surface – the RockSolid doesn’t need holes because it doesn’t use traditional speaker components.  It has an omnidirectional coverage pattern, giving you consistent highs and lows no matter where you are in relation to the speaker. And, because it isn’t prone to the weathering problems that can affect a cone speaker, it has a very long life.”


RockSolid speakers may be ordered with one or two SolidDrive transducers installed, and are available in three standard colors: Sandstone, Charcoal and Red Rock (custom colors may be ordered).  Commercial versions of the product, sold through MSE subsidiary SoundTube Entertainment, include a transformer.


SolidDrive products are powerful hidden sound transducers that transmit acoustical energy through almost any solid surface.  The products’ patented technology utilizes very high powered neodymium magnets and dual symmetrically opposed motors to convert audio signals into powerful vibrations that are transferred onto solid surfaces by direct contact.  Using a SolidDrive transducer, virtually any hard surface can be turned into a loudspeaker. High-quality, full-range sound is radiated from the entire surface with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 15 kHz.

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