September 28, 2009

Grand Cinema C3X LUMIS Makes Commanding Entrance

By Gary Reber

SIM2 is thrilled with the reception their 2009 Collection received from attendees at the 2009 CEDIA Expo. The full DLP projector line-up includes the Grand Cinema Series with its impressive three-chip and single-chip models, as well as new entries in areas of LCD flat panel, and LED based projector technologies.

SIM2 was one of the very few companies to have invested extensive time, research, and resources on three different type of technologies (DLP, Dolby Vision, and LED) to deliver a whole new array of products.

Over 20,000 professionals from the residential electronics systems industry attended the CEDIA EXPO and, despite the 12 percent decrease in individual attendance over 60% of attendees were key decision-makers.  Indeed, attendees were far more focused than previous year, and we were able to have more in-depth, high-quality contacts. SIM2’s booth was very busy with extremely long lines for the Theater presentations.

“SIM2’s goal for CEDIA was to showcase a comprehensive yet technically superior video offering,” said Massimo Zecchin, COO for SIM2 USA. “With reference models in every competitive category, SIM2 dominated the video discussions at the show. We sought to remind everyone that SIM2 is here to stay; we have continued to improve our products, services and opportunities and in the end, we can safely say, SIM2 offers stability. Regardless of the economic conditions, SIM2 will stay its course, and continue to produce benchmark products allowing the dealers survive in the high performance video category.”

The star of the show, C3X LUMIS (MSRP: $35,995), reigned supreme atop the famous Grand Cinema C3X Series, bringing sophistication and stunning imagery from its sleek and stylish chassis. Throughout the duration of the show, the full theater presentation was standing-room only.  Krell proved to be an outstanding partner providing superior audio performance and show goers consistently commented on the incredible blacks on the C3X LUMIS rendered by SIM2’s unique application of the Texas Instruments Dynamic Black technology.

Ward Pitkin, Manager, 3-Chip projectors for Texas Instruments, served as guest speaker during the press event. "Texas Instruments values our longstanding product development relationship with SIM2," said Pitkin. "We are proud to come together to make an impact during this year’s show. As we look ahead, 2010 looks to be very promising with the excitement that LED has brought to the single-chip front projection market as well as the refinement of the three-chip technology.”

Making its formal public debut, the SOLAR Display represents the culmination of nearly two years of research and development working in partnership with Dolby to produce the world’s first HDR-enabled LCD display.  The SOLAR is expected to ship by Q42009.

SIM2 also previewed its entry into the LED projection category.  The MICO 50 (MSRP: $24,995), impressed attendees with its trio of high power Phlatlight LEDs by Luminus, offering super bright, crisp pictures. SIM2 expects MICO 50 to be available in Q42009 and additional product information will be available at that time.

SIM2 promises a forthcoming 3-D technology announcement, continuing their long-standing technological prowess.

“CEDIA was an upper deck, tape-measure home run for SIM2,” said Charlie Boornazian, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We never once wavered on our commitment to not only attend the show, but to demonstrate our projectors in full blown theater settings. With two of the few full theater presentations available on the floor, we reinforced our position as category leader in the high-performance video sector. Existing SIM2 dealers and dealer targets were shown the full breadth of our line. We have added a significant number of prestigious dealers based on this strong CEDIA showing! ”

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