January 7, 2010
XpanD Introduces World’s First Bluetooth-Enabled Active-Shutter 3D Glasses

By Gary Reber

Marking the fist time ever that active-shutter 3D glasses technology has been effectively coupled with Bluetooth connectivity, XpanD today joined VIZIO and SENSIO to debut at CES an advanced 3D HDTV solution for VIZIO’s new Pro range of XVT HD3D televisions. This new series of VIZIO HDTVs features an active 3D implementation, enabling them to display 3D content that can be viewed only with XpanD glasses.

The XpanD active-shutter glasses communicate with VIZIO Full HD3D TVs via Bluetooth, then transform each lens from opaque to transparent in perfect synchronization with the images displayed on the television, delivering the full frame rate capable by the television. These glasses are the world’s first to utilize Bluetooth communication.

VIZIO XVT Pro Full HD3D televisions can produce 3D images from encoded material on conventional DVD and Blu-ray players, as well as from emerging distribution channels such as streaming media, pay per view, video on demand, and HDTV broadcasts. Because XpanD’s active-shutter glasses uniquely feature the highest-speed LCD lenses, lowest crosstalk and the highest viewing angle, VIZIO selected them as an ideal partner in the development of this new 3D solution.

“No one offers the superior quality of experience that our solution with Sensio and XpanD delivers,” said Matthew McRae, VIZIO VP of Products. “Now that 3D content is becoming more prevalent, the time is right for VIZIO to bring 3D technology to its award-winning XVT series which also pack other high performance features such as VIZIO Internet Apps, 480Hz sps Smooth Motion and dual-band 802.11n wireless networking.”

"Strategic partnerships with leading television manufacturers such as VIZIO are not only crucial to XpanD's growing presence in the North American consumer market, but also demonstrate the recognition by those manufacturers that XpanD's active-shutter technology is the best solution to drive the 3D revolution for the home," said Maria Costeira, CEO of XpanD. "The combination of Bluetooth-enabled XpanD glasses and SENSIO 3D technology will provide an immersive, dynamic and cost-effective solution for VIZIO XVT Pro owners."

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