March 17, 2010
New Publication Describes The Latest Product Lines From Elite Screens

By Gary Reber

Elite Screens, Inc. an innovative company that specializes in affordable high quality projector screens, today announced the completion of its 2010 Product Guide.
"The new publication is of a similar format and simplicity to our website." said Jaime Abrego, Product Manager for Elite Screens, Inc. "With all the new product lines that we currently have and are launching this year, it is necessary to feature them all in a publication that is comprehensive and easy to browse."
Elite Screen's new 2010 product guide features  their latest in product design for its various lines of  front, rear and acoustic transparent projection screens and material. This includes the new Evanesce Series in-ceiling Screen for the commercial and residential integrators, Raptor Modular Series   free-standing in cabinet floor screen, the Osprey Tension Dual 2.35:1/16:9 anamorphic projection screen, and the Kestrel Tension free standing motorized screen.  Other new models listed are the Lunette Curved and Sable Fixed Frame projection screens, Tripod Pro velour surfaced rental/staging portable screen, Manual SRM slow retracting manual screen, the MicroFlip file-sized screen for pocket projectors
and the Versa White adhesive projection material that will convert regular whiteboards and office windows into dry-erase projection screens.
 The new catalog provides details on the various types of screen materials and product line drawing dimensions.   Screen specs are accompanied by detailed photography.  For a free copy, download it at or email

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