May 12, 2010
Terra Introduces Outdoor Music Packages

Systems make it easier for integrators to design and specify outdoor sound systems

By Gary Reber

Terra Loudspeakers has introduced a series of all-climate speaker packages designed to aid system integrators in designing and installing residential and light commercial outdoor sound systems. These packages vary in complexity and capability in order to satisfy a wide range of applications and budgets. Perhaps the most compelling aspects of the program are that several of the packages are 70-volt capable “out of the box” and every package includes a high performance power amplifier with customized DSP processing, enabling installers to take advantage of such systems without any special orders or modifications.

The packages all include Terra’s highly regarded all-climate speakers and one or more Terra outdoor subwoofers. In order to optimize performance each package includes a Crown™ CDi 1000 high efficiency, high power amplifier. These amps are custom programmed by Terra to optimize the performance of the woofer and/or satellite speakers depending upon how the system is configured. This customized DSP includes crossover settings, speaker EQ processing and output limiting.

Terra all-climate speakers can be installed in any exposed outdoor location where they’ll deliver exceptional sonic performance and longevity. They’re rated for salt water and chlorine mist exposure and will operate satisfactorily in temperatures ranging from 14 degree to 194 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore locating them anywhere outdoors, including around swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor showers, saunas and steam rooms is of no concern.

The Terra packages may be combined to serve larger spaces or provide higher SPL in a given area. The various packages include Terra’s AC.15e.P (compact, 6-foot “pig tail” connector) or AC.16e.P (full size, 6-foot “pig tail” connector) enclosure models, both two-way 6.5-inch woofer speakers. Package 4 also includes the AC.WF16 Wide-Fi single-point-stereo model. As mentioned above the Terra AC.SUB is a part of these systems too, which truly makes them full range even though they’re designed for the great outdoors. Individual speaker model specifics are available at


Package 1: 6 – AC.15e.P, 1 – AC.SUB, 1 – Crown CDi 1000 (70V available)
Package 2: 6 – AC.16e.P, 1 – AC.SUB, 1 – Crown CDi 1000 (70V available)
Package 3: 6 – AC.16e.P, 2 – AC.SUB, 1 – Crown CDi 1000 (70V available)
Package 4: 2 – AC.15e.P, 1 – AC.WF16, 1 – Crown CDi 1000

Crown CDi 1000 Rack Mount Bridgeable Power Amplifier:

Extremely versatile; rated for 2 -, 4 -, 8 - ohm loads and 70V outputs.
Switch-mode universal power supply.
Intuitive front-panel LCD screen for quick, easy configuration.
Onboard digital signal processing includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay, and output limiting.
Up to 20 user defined DSP presets are available.

CDi 1000 Specifications:

Minimum Guaranteed Power

Per channel, both channels driven:

2 ohm Dual (per channel) 700W, 1% THD
4 ohm Dual (per channel) 500W, 0.5% THD
8 ohm Dual (per channel) 275W, 0.5% THD
4 ohm Bridge-Mono 1,400W, 1% THD
70V Dual (per channel) 500W, 0.5% THD

The CDi 1000 amplifier can be operated at 70V on one channel and low impedance on the other.

Terra manufactures exceptionally high-quality enclosure type and flush mount weather-proof loudspeakers and dedicated PA speakers designed for the Worship market. Terra has been providing these highly regarded products to the residential custom installation, light commercial and Worship markets since 1999. For further information see or call 207-725-1005.

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