July 17, 2010
SIM2 Endorsed By Francis Ford Coppola

By Gary Reber

Back on June 5 we reported on the expansion of the SIM2 projectior line, and again today.

Just previous to that announcement SIM2 celebrated the lanuch of an advertising campaign to promote its porjectors starring the five-time Academy Award®-winning film director Frances Ford Coppola, at Coppola's Rubicon Estate Winery nestled in the mountains of the Napa Valley. Coppola is recognized as the creator of some of history's best-loved and most-recognized films. A visionary film director, whose movies have touched the world.

While not invited to the event, I would like to report on what Coppola had to say:

About the event: "What I want to say about today is that SIM2 is a wonderfl company from northern Italy... When I look at what they've doing you may think they must have paid this guy millions of dollars to do this!, but the truth is that they paid me nothing."

About his SIM2 projector: "We brought it (the projector) to the studio in Argentina and we hooked it up, and there was this spectacular image!... It was because I had gone to Pordenone, introduced myself to them, told them that I had researched all these units, and this unit was the one I

About the SIM2 endorsement: "Anything I've said about it, I said it not because I was contacted by the company with: 'Can you say good things about it?' I said it because I really felt it and believed it. This is certainly an endorsement on behalf of this wonderful company and a wonderful product, but it's not an endorsement they sought me for, nor did I talk to an agent who engaged me... It is out of my sincere admiration for this company. I speak really not only as a professional filmmaker, but as a user of these products and someone who has really appreciated the difference; a bright, crisp image that made easier to work on our film. If I had the means, I would have one of these (pointing to projector) for every one of my children and everyone I know. (Pointing to the crowd) All of ou should have one if you really want to see beautiful projection."

About SIM2 and its products: "SIM2 is a very interesting company. This is a truly beautiful product, in the tradition of great italian design. I am very sincere when speaking of how impressed I am with the performance of this projector... SIM2's top projector is close to the quality of the professional ($100K>)
projectors. I wanted one of these projectors because we were working and of course we were editing electronically (a referenct to his latest film "Tetro" reviewed in Issue 148)... Those projectors [from NEC, Barco and Christie] are well over $100,000. I also learned that TI licensed a number of companies to make projectors with that chip for the home theatre market and some of those projectors at the highest level almost equal...I did a lot of research...{the DLP chip is the] basis for the digital revolution in filmmaking. It emulates the powerful beam of light that goes through a piece of photochemical film...After 'Apocalyse Now,' I knew that if the cinema became electronic it would be like unleasing a jeannie from a bottle. And now it has come true. I wanted the best possible projector on the market for my own use..."

Interestingly, Coppola never pointed out neither personnally or professionally, which SIM2 projector he chose. But knowing that Coppola has been a long time subscriber to Widescreen Review, his remarks should be taken as credible and a genuine reflection of the image quality reference that he needs for his work.

Widescreen Review commends SIM2 for consistently
advancing the state-of-art in projection technology, working hand-in-hand with Texas Instruments. A few years back I was invited to SIM2's factory in Pordenone and was impressed with the engineering talent and manufacturing capabilities of this small company.

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