August 16, 2010
Polk Breaks The Surround Barrier With Innovative F/X Wireless Surround

Simple Wireless Component Goes Anywhere Behind The Listening Area, Providing Convincing Multichannel Sound From One Speaker

By Gary Reber

Polk Audio®, the Speaker Specialists®, will ship, in October, a breakthrough audio solution that adds exciting surround sound capabilities to any home theater system, all from a single component with no speaker wires and extraordinary placement flexibility. The new F/X Wireless Surround re-defines what is possible in home theater; surround sound has finally become plug-and-play effortless.

“We’ve just made great sound as simple in the back of the room as it is the front of the room,” said Mark Suskind, Polk Audio’s Vice President of Product Line Management. “Too many movie lovers miss out on rear speakers because of the clutter and morass of wiring. The new F/X Wireless Surround utilizes our Polk Digital Logic™ technology to solve the problem with the convenience of wireless operation and simple placement on the floor, a table or a shelf. No drilling, no mounting, no wires -- just great surround sound in seconds.”

The innovative F/X Wireless Surround is a single-footprint speaker system consisting of four 2.5” full range drivers and a 5.25” woofer, powered by a compact multichannel channel DSP amplifier. A small transceiver included with the system connects the A/V receiver’s surround channels to the SurroundBar wirelessly. Thanks to Polk’s recently developed Controlled Dispersion Array (CDA) technology, the F/X Wireless Surround creates a convincing discrete left, right, rear and back surround stage that emanates from behind and to the sides of the listener. The system reproduces 5.1 and 7.1 surround program material, and features a 3-position DSP control that optimizes the image height for floor, table and shelf applications.

Polk’s new F/X Wireless Surround will be available in October for a suggested retail price of $399.95.

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