January 31, 2011
Genesis is Proud to Introduce Junior

By Gary Reber

Genesis Advanced Technologies, manufacturer of high-end luxury loudspeaker and amplifier systems is happy to announce the Genesis 2.2 Junior line-source floor-standing tower loudspeaker system. Dealers and distributors were given a sneak peak of the new loudspeaker during the International Consumer Electronics Show
in Las Vegas in January 2011.

“This is a gap-filler model that has been highly anticipated by our customers and dealers alike,” said Mr. Gary Leonard Koh, President and CEO of Genesis. “Many of our customers and dealers do not have a large enough room for the Genesis 2.2 four-tower line source system, but want the advantages of a line source. Hence, we integrated a pair of side-firing 12-inch woofers with the midrange-tweeter wings of the G2.2 and created Junior.”

“It looked and sounded easy when my dealers first asked for it, but the integration of the line-source midrange/tweeter with the point source bass took the better part of the past year to get it to sound just right. When you don‟t do it right, it can sound thin and lean due to the different way that a line source and a point source propagates sound and hence how the speaker interacts
with the room.”

“The G2jr is the latest model in the Genesis line with this configuration of point-source bass with line-source midrange/tweeter,” added Mr. Koh. “The first model was the Genesis II.5 which was released in 1994, and there were three subsequent iterations over the past 16 years. So, you can call it the fifth generation „junior‟.”

“The speaker does things only hinted at by conventional loudspeakers,” said Ms Carolyn Koh, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Genesis. “When you go from a cone loudspeaker to the ribbon line-source G2, the sense of effortlessness on musical peaks, the huge dynamic contrasts and the ability to resolve the smallest musical details is just shocking on first listen. It is able to present the crescendos of a symphony orchestra at full tilt with lifelike levels. This was the first thing that struck me hearing this new model for the first time – it brought me back to the time when I used to sing as a soloist standing in front of a symphony orchestra.”

“This makes listening to music a visceral experience,” said Mr Koh. “And the G2jr is not limited
to classical music. It does rock, techno, house, jazz, new age – you name it – just as well. One criticism of large speakers is that they make everything sound big. Not with this one, a soloist has the right size, even when she is standing in front of an orchestra.”

The Genesis 2jr incorporates a single 48-inch ribbon midrange and twelve 1-inch ring- ribbon tweeters mounted on a solid 11⁄2-inch thick cast acrylic baffle. It also includes two 12-inch independently servo-controlled woofers per channel. The two woofers each incorporate its own accelerometer and 600W amplifier. Three additional 1-inch rear-firing ring-ribbon tweeters complete the dipole.
The Genesis 2.2jr retails for U.S. $49,000 and is available from all Genesis dealers around the world. It is finished in high gloss acrylic black. Genesis Advanced Technologies designs and manufactures loudspeakers, amplifiers, and accessories in Seattle, Washington. The complete range of products can be found at www.genesisloudspeakers.com.