February 10, 2011

New Rear Projection Screen Boosts Performance With High-Output Projectors

By Gary Reber

dnp unveils the latest in rear projection, the dnp Zenith Screen line, at ISE Amsterdam (1-3 February 2011). The Zenith Screen is designed to enhance performance in combination with the latest high-performance projectors.
In recent years, brighter, and powerful projectors have become available.
This has given rise to new challenges, such as how to prevent hotspots from
showing up on the screen and, at the same time, improve contrast, brightness
uniformity and balancing viewing angles. Designed as a complement to
high-performance projectors, dnp's new Zenith Screen meets these challenges
Key to this is the screen's improved contrast and uniformity. dnp engineers
achieved this with a gain of 2.2, along with more tint and an anti-glare
surface that minimizes reflected ambient light. In particular, the improved
uniformity eliminates the distracting hotspots often observed with today's
high-lumens projectors.
And of course, the new Zenith Screen line still gives users all the
advantages you would expect of rear projection installation: a neat,totally
flush screen surface, top-quality
images and no risk of shadows from people
moving around in front of the screen.
The dnp Zenith Screen line is designed for the 100”-plus market; especially
for TV studios, conference rooms, home entertainment and multiple screen
installations, i.e. simulation or control rooms, where high-quality images
are essential even in unfavorable lighting conditions.

dnp denmarks corporate headquarters is located in Karlslunde, Denmark. MCF
Marketing represents dnp in the US, maintaining sales, showroom and service
facilities in Irvine, California. dnp also operates a distribution center in
San Diego, California. dnp denmark is the world's leading supplier of
optical front and rear projection screens for high-quality display
solutions. SupernovaÍ is a registered trademark of dnp denmark as.

For more information visit www.dnp-screens.com

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