February 14, 2011
AudioControl's BVHD-20: Certified For Zero Bit Errors

Extend High Speed HDMI Signals Over Standard CAT-5/6 Cabling

By Gary Reber

AudioControl has announced the details of the new BVHD-20, the latest addition to their line of active balanced signal extenders. The BVHD-20 extends High Speed HDMI signals over dual Cat-6 network wiring making these units ideal for use with 3D systems. AudioControl includes matching CAT-6 optimized RJ-45 connectors for maximum performance. Each unit of the BVHD-20 is 100% built and tested by AudioControl at their U.S. based factory and then issued a Certificate of Performance ensuring the HDMI output of each unit has ZERO bit errors.

BVHD-20 Key Features

Extends High Speed HDMI with Ethernet signals over dual Cat-6 cabling
Supports HDMI 1.4 features of Ethernet, 3D and audio return
Up to180 feet extension of 1080p video
Includes matching RJ-45 connectors for optimum performance
Each unit is individually 100% tested and performance certified for ZERO bit errors and supported by a Certificate Of Performance
Designed and manufactured by AudioControl in its USA factories - Five year factory warranty
Complete information is available on the BVHD-20 product page of the AudioControl web site or contact us at sound.better@audiocontrol.com