February 15, 2011
SpectraCal Iintroduces TurboCal, by Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA)

By Gary Reber

·         TurboCal is an exciting new calibration system that opens the value of HAA audio calibration to a larger audience of professional integrators.

·         TurboCal unleashes a basic calibration process designed to enable audio components to achieve their highest potential.

·         The TurboCal process of Sonic Evaluation, Component Verification, Design Adjustment, and Electronic Calibration is consistent with CEDIA doctrine and is complimentary to automated receiver calibration systems.

·         TurboCal work is completed with minimal knowledge of the science behind audio. One thing we know for sure is that you and your customer will be very happy with the results!

·         The game‐changing feature of TurboCal is your ability to complete an audio system alignment/tuning process within a 2 hour timeframe!

Figure 1. TubroCal Homepage

TurboCal software leads a calibrator in the field through
the TurboCal workflow, recording observations, adding photos for clarity, making measurements for accuracy, and making adjustments to quickly calibrate an audio system. This culminates in the print‐out of an impressive customer report detailing the results of the calibration.

Figure 2. TurboCal Calibration Plan

TurboCal is a high value service that clearly enhances performance and adds profitability to every custom project. TurboCal should not be considered an option for consumers, but rather a standard service that adds value to the purchase and enhances the reputation of the audio reseller.

Figure 3. TurboCal System Performance Summary

Figure 4. TurboCal System Performance Summary (cont)

TurboCal is a business tool designed to provide quality control and credibility to the audio calibration process. The benefits of TurboCal include: TurboCal Certification and membership, the ability to sell TurboCal audio calibrations, a powerful tool that keeps the calibration process on track and provides valuable technical support during the calibration, the ability to create a in-depth TurboCal Calibration report.

Figure 5. TurboCal Master

TurboCal is revolutionary and demystifies the calibration process, boiling it down to a 2 hour step‐by-step process, with full reporting system and very happy customers in the wake.

Can you afford not to TurboCal?

Customer Endorsement – TurboCal a Game Changer

I’ve been an A/V Retailer and Custom Integrator for 13 years, building one of the most successful AV companies in the southwest. Since first attending the HAA training four years ago, I began to sell audio calibration to my customers on a regular basis with good success; however TurboCal has been a game changer. The introduction of TurboCal has allowed me to incorporate audio calibration services into every proposal and we now have a customer acceptance rate of about 90%.

At $299 per calibration and less than 2 man‐hours invested per job, I am a huge supporter of the concept. As an early adopter and TurboCal beta tester for the past year, REAL Home Theater has sold and performed over 60 TurboCals.

While it takes a vast amount of specialized knowledge and expertise to perform the highest level of Audio Calibration, as well as a large investment for
equipment and to train someone to that level, TurboCal requires only a minimal investment to be competent and to provide a great service. All of my technicians now perform Turbocals. This has had a very positive impact on my business.

Jonathan Law
REAL Home Theater
801 529 7814

TurboCal Training

The HAA TurboCal Certification Workshop is a one‐day high‐intensity, hands‐on treatment of the art and science of home theater audio calibration that prepares the typical installer to provide TurboCal calibrations immediately. Designed for novices and experienced calibrators alike, it distills the basic steps of audio calibration into a concise, organized process that can be completed in less than 2 hours at the customer site.

Step‐by‐Step Process. The TurboCal process of Sonic Evaluation, Component Verification, Design Adjustment, and Electronic Calibration is consistent with CEDIA doctrine and is complimentary to automated receiver calibration systems.  Driven by the AVPro TurboCal software, students are taught how to systematically complete the steps to precisely align and tune home theater audio.

Figure 6. TurboCal works you through a step-by-step process.

Students learn critical listening skills for “Sonic Evaluation,” which gives them the finest instrument to gauge audio performance - their trained ears.

“Component Verification” adds one of the high-value features of HAA TurboCal - verification that the system functions properly.  Students learn to uncover components that are working but not sounding as they should.

“Design Adjustment” is all about proper alignment of speakers and listeners.  Surprisingly minor position adjustments can yield dramatic audible improvements and can greatly enhance the effectiveness of automated EQ systems.

Finally, “Electronic Calibration” covers the important steps of tuning the preamp/processor.  Students learn the basic operation of an audio analyzer to perform response measurements and to align time delay and speaker geometry, critical listening, and most importantly learn that technology has not found a way to replace the trained ears and hands of a live human for tuning audio systems.

This certification workshop is not a theory class – students learn the mechanics of completing a professional audio calibration in an efficient process that can be used for every audio system.

Armed with TurboCal software, calibrators will leave this workshop ready to dramatically improve the sound quality of any home theater, add tremendous value to their customers purchase, and add profit to their bottom line.

HAA TurboCal Certification is awarded to a calibrator upon successful completion of the TurboCal Certification test and the submission of three TurboCal calibration reports. HAA TurboCal certification is good for one year.  Recertification can be accomplished online; renewal of HAA membership, the submission of three completed calibrations, and proof of business status are required.

TurboCal software and training is available through SpectraCal. TurboCal software and training can be purchased separately or in one of the packages listed below.  One year HAA Membership is included in the training fee. Included with TurboCal software is the SENlink module, which allows Sencore Audio Analyzers to transfer measurements directly to TurboCal software, greatly speeding the calibration process.

First TurboCal Certification Workshop will be in Orlando on March 19th at the Hilton Garden Inn near EH Expo

(International Drive and the Orange County Convention Center)

Phone 605 274 6055 or Toll Free 877 886 5112 to Book Your Training Seat or Get More Info

TurboCal Products Available from SpectraCal


TurboCal Software......................................................$999


TurboCal Certification Workshop – 1 Day.........................$699


 Sencore SP395A Audio Acoustic Analyzer, w/all options......$1995

Sencore MX399 Mic Mux w/3 XLR Mics, Cables..................$799

Sencore DAG5161 DD, DTS Multichannel Generator............$1799

Sencore SP295C Audio Acoustic Analyzer............................$995

Sencore MX299 Mic Mux w/3 BNC Mics, Cables..................$699

February Packages (Best Deals):

Pkg 1: TurboCal Software & Training .........................................$1295

Pkg 2: TurboCal Software, Training & Pro Analyzer Kit...........$4495

Pkg 3:  TurboCal Software, Training & Expert Analyzer Kit....$3495

Audio Products on the Web   CALL ON SPECIALS - NOT POSTED ON WEB YET

Pro Audio Analyzer Kit includes:

SP395A Audio Acoustic Analyzer, w/all options

MX399 Mic Mux w/3 XLR Mics, Cables

DAG5161 DD, DTS Multichannel Generator

CC1000 Hard Carry Case

Figure 7.  Pro Audio Analyzer Kit

Expert Analyzer Kit includes:

SP295C Audio Acoustic Analyzer

MX299 Mic Mux w/3 BNC Mics, Cables

DAG5161 DD, DTS Multichannel Generator

CC1000 Hard Carry Case

Figure 8. Expert Analyzer Kit

These are product release specials and end on 2/28/2011

Please don't delay - the products and TurboCal Training seats will sell out quickly. Call to discuss today.

Phone 605 274 6055 or Toll Free 877 886 5112


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