February 28, 2011
Volfoni® Unveils ActivEyes® Hybrid/Universal 3D Glasses.

By Gary Reber

 As a sneak-peak for Europe, French company Volfoni® will exhibit their latest product, ActivEyes®, at CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Stand A21 Hall 15, Germany, March 1   5. ActivEyes are a new generation of intelligent 3D glasses, revolutionizing the way we view 3D content.

are the first truly universal glasses   eliminating the choice between active and passive glasses. Developed by Volfoni, this hybrid active/passive technology allows users to view 3D content on any platform. The glasses work with all brands of active 3D screens (TVs and PCs), as well as with all passive 3D screens (commonly used in movie theaters).

However, what makes ActivEyes® glasses particularly special is their visual quality. Without a doubt, they are the most comfortable 3D glasses on the market, as well as the brightest in terms of luminosity.

“Over the past 2 years, we have been working on developing this technology. We didn't want to make any compromises. We have listened to the consumer's demand for lightweight, universal glasses with a long battery life,” says Thierry Henkinet, President of Volfoni®, emphasizing the company's goals.

The ActivEyes®
system is composed of the glasses and a mini electronic “box,” which can be attached to clothing. Aware of the economic challenges of 3D, Volfoni® also offers a unique technology which allows the mini “box” to be used with a hub, which can connect to several pairs of glasses at one time. This is an advantage for family or friends who want to watch 3D content together. “We are actually testing ActivEyes® glasses with professionals. We are listening to each and every critique before launching the glasses to the general public. Their quality and lightness have already captivated many 3D post-production studios,” notes Bernard Mendiburu, Director of Innovation at Volfoni®.

Fast facts about ActivEyes®:
-First glasses in the world to offer both active and passive technology
-One of the most lightweight glasses on the market, weighing in at 1.02 oz (29 g)
-Compatible with all 3D screens, including TV and PC
-Usable as sunglasses (standard class 2   4 optical protection)
-Uses top-of-the-line liquid crystal technology

Along with ActivEyes®, which are for personal use, Volfoni® will also present their line of multi-user glasses: EDGE
TM 1.0 IR and EDGETM 1.1 DLPTM Link©.

TM 1.0 serves the cinema and audio-visual market.
TM 1.1 is compatible with DLPTM Link© technology, developed by Texas Instruments. With more than 50 models of DLPTM projectors currently on the market, professionals in fields such as teaching, architecture, communication, engineering, etc will be able to use 3D images to improve the quality of their presentations, using only a projector and a set of glasses.

About Volfoni®:
Founded in March 2007, Volfoni is the leading 3D solutions rental and sales business in France. For more than 3 years, Volfoni is proud to serve 70% of exhibitors who make the choice to equip their theaters with 3D active glasses. With offices in Paris, Munich, Valencia, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, as well as a network of local representatives in several other countries, Volfoni
® has high-flexibility in terms of logistics, and provides the best 3D experience available on the market. Volfoni® is currently manufacturing several lines of products, including EDGETM and ActivEyes®.

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