July 27, 2011
Monitor Audio Introduces Gold GX

By Gary Reber

The new Gold GX is a completely new 'ground up' design featuring advanced driver technologies and materials, amalgamated to form a real world, yet truly esoteric speaker range.
Monitor Audio engineers set their sights high by attempting to harness the amazing sonic characteristics demonstrated by the prestigious Platinum series. It's therefore no surprise a plethora of 'trickle down'  technologies have been used as the base ingredients. Our engineers focus on what makes a speaker sound inherently right. There are no smoke and mirrors here, just meticulous attention to detail and passion at every step of the design process.
Attention to detail is evident in every component part, being made from only the finest materials, cast and machined to exacting tolerances. All cabinets are hand built using multiple MDF laminations, and then hot pressed to form a rigid shell. Whilst being incredibly rigid, and as a result stronger, the curved panels also reduce standing waves, eliminating un-wanted sound from being reflected back. The result is a perfect, life-like midrange character, without a hint of unwanted resonances.
Radial internal braces, aided by single bolt-through
driver technology enhance cabinet rigidity by providing additional front to back bracing, whilst maintaining consistent tension for the driver. This in turn reduces excessive vibration from the driver and cabinet together, ensuring lower coloration across the entire frequency spectrum.
Developed from the renowned C-CAM® material, the new ribbed RST® cone profile has been developed to give incredible rigidity and lowest possible mass, resulting in a stiffer cone and significant reduction in break up modes, exhibiting a much purer sound overall.
Sturdy die-cast alloy chassis have been designed with improved venting properties to keep the driver cool as well as reduce internal pressure, with the ability to play louder and with lower distortion than previous driver designs. HiVe® port technology is employed for better transient response and tighter bass - due to smoother air-flow.
The newly design C-CAM® Ribbon H.F (High Frequency) transducer has been employed to propel high frequencies to well beyond 60 KHz, at least two octaves beyond the threshold of human hearing. This means subtle nuances and harmonic content present in high definition 24 bit/192KHz
recordings to ensure the full audio experience is faithfully conveyed, as intended. The ribbon transducer possesses no break up modes, so the sound is crystal clear without a hint of distortion and is far superior to any dome tweeter design ever produced. Ribbon technology is much different and since there is no voice coil, the moving diaphragm is incredibly light, responding instantly to the smallest level of detail.
Not happy with manufacturer specifications, our team of engineers spent many hours evaluating and listening to crossover components, selecting those in the end which simply sound the best. Polypropylene film capacitors, air core and laminated steel core inductors have been utilized to maintain the best possible signal integrity. Each crossover is then mounted on a separate panel which is accessible from the underside of the speaker. High quality gold plated terminals are easily accessible and mounted to a very sturdy die-cast alloy terminal panel,  placed low down on the cabinet to make placement and connection simple, particularly on the floor-standing models. Silver plated cable is used for bi-wire links with spade terminations to ensure very low contact resistance and the best possible
contact reliability.  Pureflow® silver internal cabling insures best signal conductivity.
Beautiful Piano finish cabinets feature no less than 11 layers of lacquer with painstaking hand polishing to obtain the perfect mirror shine, whilst the real wood finish cabinets are hand veneered after the cabinet is made using very traditional craftsmanship; this ensures precise grain matching on every pair. The beautiful grain definition and rich color variations of Bubinga and modern Walnut  blend with any interior style or décor.
Stylish magnetic grilles have no visible fixings and provide clean overall visuals, adding to the simplicity and refinement of the classy overall appearance. Base plinths for the GX200 and GX300 are die-cast from metal alloy to provide a very sturdy and rigid foundation. Machined metal adjustable spiked feet are used on the GX200/300 and floor-stand, hand milled to meticulous quality standards. Solid 'bullet' spikes are also hand machined from hi-tensile steel and chrome plated to a fine finish for use on carpeted floors. Non slip rubber pads are provided for use on hard or solid wood flooring.
Gold GX50

The diminutive new GX50 features a single 5.5" RST® bass driver and C-CAM® ribbon H.F transducer configured in a typical two-way configuration. The new bass drivers belie their size, being capable of amazing low frequency extension whilst the frequency spectrum is extended to over 60 KHz in the high frequency, thanks to the all new C-CAM® ribbon transducer design. Bass drivers feature an over-sized 40mm voice coil that ensures impressive power handling and ultra low distortion, resulting in clean precise delivery right across the wide frequency spectrum. The magnetic structures have been optimized by advanced FEA and are more efficient and have more linear throw available to produce lower distortion and higher output. The surprisingly small 5.5" bass driver therefore surpasses the performance of a much larger driver.
The small cabinet baffle width and smooth cabinet edges ensure precise imaging and very low diffraction. Fine sonic qualities exhibited by the GX50 are reminiscent of the finest studio monitors, but with far more dynamic capability. They're able to play louder and deeper than they really should be capable of, with superlative ease. The GX50 really does makes you smile, not only because of its fine musicality, but because it delivers far more than could be expected from a speaker so small. From toe tapping blues riffs to thrilling action packed movies scenes, the GX50 handles everything with great aplomb.
Optional, dedicated floor stands are available for the GX50 which can be mass loaded to provide the ultimate foundation to extract the best possible sound quality.
Gold GX100

The GX100 is a larger 2-way stand mount speaker featuring a 6.5" RST ® bass driver and C-CAM® ribbon H.F transducer. The bass driver piston size has been increased to a size approaching a typical 8" driver, resulting in higher overall efficiency and immense dynamic headroom. Normally compact speakers are compromised in terms of bass extension to preserve any chance of keeping the small cone under control. Monitor Audio engineers set out to set aside any compromises and have miraculously achieved amazing low frequency extension, whilst maintaining perfect control.
The GX100 can be considered relatively compact, yet exhibits bass extension that would not be out of place coming from a high end floor-standing speaker system. The simple two-way design is far less complicated and results in an overall sonic balance which is tonally accurate, possessing neutrality that is second to none. Musical timing is spot on with every detail delivered perfectly, just as it should be. With incredibly wide frequency bandwidth, GX100 performance is transported to an elevated level and far surpasses any loudspeaker in its class. It is precisely engineered to the point where the sound is not tarnished or masked by the cabinet but is merely an integrated part of the design. There are no detrimental artefacts placed on the overall sound character, thanks to the amazingly rigid structure, curved cabinet profile and bracing techniques employed.
Optional, dedicated floor stands are available for the GX100 which can be mass loaded to provide the ultimate foundation to extract the best possible sound quality.
Gold GX200

The GX200's svelte appearance makes it a truly compact and attractive floor-stander. It features two 5.5" RST® bass drivers to provide amazing scale and impressive dynamic control. The new bass drivers are heavily constructed with massive magnetic systems and capable of amazing low frequency extension. Bass response has been engineered to provide smooth roll off without exhibiting any of the usual 'overhang'. This means the GX200 is very position-friendly and can be sited within reasonably close proximity to a wall, providing the ideal blend of lifestyle living and performance. First and foremost, the GX200 is a serious audiophile speaker, with amazing rhythmic drive and incredible musicality.
GX200 is a true three way design, featuring a dedicated 4" mid-range driver in its own damped enclosure to provide clean, natural character. The driver features a short voice coil under-hung in relation to the magnetic gap. This ensures the voice coil remains inside the gap at all times and completely gets rid of modulation resulting in extremely low distortion. High overall efficiency and amazing power handling ensure that the GX200 is capable of delivering sound pressure levels to rival floor-standing speakers with a much larger stature. The key however is to ensure this is delivered with precision and with low distortion. Special attention has been lavished all through the design to ensure incredibly low distortion and smooth, accurate overall tonal balance. Sound quality is reminiscent of the very best high end speaker systems and it's no coincidence therefore the GX200 shares a lot in common with the prestigious Platinum series.

Gold GX300

Standing at over a meter tall the PL300 is a majestic three-way floor-standing loudspeaker comprising of two 6.5" RST® bass drivers and one 4" RST® mid-range driver with a C-CAM® high frequency ribbon transducer.  The flagship of the GX series represents the ultimate in power delivery and scale required to fill a larger room with amazing sound quality. Whilst the GX300 is able to reproduce jaw  dropping dynamics, it's also agile and adept when required to perfectly reproduce the smallest levels of detail. Covering an astonishing frequency spectrum from 30Hz to over 60 KHz renders it one of the widest range speakers available, and certainly cannot be matched in its class.
Bass drivers are heavily constructed with massive magnetic systems and are capable of delivering incredible transients with superlative ease. As a result the  GX300 is able to stop and start with lightning fast precision. The twin 6.5" RDT® bass drivers have over-sized voice coils ensuring impressive power handling, very low power compression and ultra low distortion, even at the highest output. This true three way design features a dedicated 4" mid-range driver in its own damped enclosure to provide isolation. The driver features a short voice coil under-hung in relation to the magnetic gap, which ensures the voice coil remains inside the gap at all times and completely removes any modulation effects, resulting in amazing clarity. 
Gold GX-150C

The new GX-150C center channel is incredibly diminutive, yet amazingly well specified. The rigid cabinet houses two 5.5" drivers featuring RST® technology in an unusually effective two and half way orientation. This provides better dispersion and  elimination of the central 'dead spot' exhibited in the typical mid-tweeter-mid (MTM) style configurations. The C-CAM® ribbon H.F transducer provides smooth highs with crystal clear definition and amazing high frequency extension all the way to 60 KHz. Utilizing a ribbon transducer in a centre speaker provides better horizontal dispersion; this is important to ensure the correct sound reaches the listener wherever they are seated in the room.

Whilst the GX-150C is designed to be partnered with the smaller GX speakers, it has been carefully tuned to match the timbre and balance of all GX speakers in the range, guaranteeing consistent sonic character across the front channels. The compact GX-150C centre is easy to position being small enough to fit under most AV racks. The drivers have been specially designed to be used in the sealed box design; ensuring installation close to a wall or in a restricted location will provide excellent and consistent results.

Gold GX-350C

The new GX-350C Center speaker is a no compromise centre channel solution for serious home theatre installations. This 3-way, four driver speaker utilizes the same driver complement as the GX300, although the bass drivers in this case have been designed and tuned to work in a sealed box design. GX-350C has the ability to reproduce frequencies from 40Hz all the way to above 60 KHz, which apart from the Platinum PL350-C that it aspires to, is one of the widest bandwidth centre speakers available. Neutral tonal balance and sound that is free from any kind of distortion or resonance ensures perfect reproduction of dialogue at any volume level.
A high percentage of the total sound balance in a theatre system is channeled through to the center. That makes it all the more important to not under-specify this speaker when the highest quality system performance is demanded. But just as important, the speaker must be capable of matching the bandwidth and dynamic range of the main speakers in the system. Performance and tonal balance from the GX350-C is also matched to the GX300, which makes it the ideal choice when building a serious multi-channel audio/ video system.
Whilst the GX-350C may well be slightly too large to fit on some AV racks, the PLC Stand  is available to ensure the best possible foundation with the option of straight or tilted vertical orientation.

Gold GX-FX

The GX-FX builds on the strengths of its predecessor and shares a very familiar configuration, but in a completely new design. It now features a new RST®bass driver and C-CAM® H.F ribbon transducer to provide amazing clarity and extended bandwidth. The dual mode configuration can be switched either manually or automatically by a generic 12v trigger signal from any AV processor or receiver. The speaker's slim-profile design incorporates a total of no less than 6 drivers.
When used in monopole mode to reproduce more direct side or rear channels, its front-firing 6 ∏" RST®bass/mid driver and CAM® Ribbon H.F transducer work together to deliver accurate ultra wide bandwidth sound to perfectly match the sonic balance of any GX speaker combination. When switched into dipole mode the GX-FX uses two pairs of side firing 4" C-CAM® bass/mid drivers, complemented by gold C-CAM® tweeters. Tailored output from the front-firing bass/mid driver is added to provide wonderfully diffuse yet tonally precise surround effects.
The GX-FX can be flush-mounted on side or rear walls to blend unobtrusively with any interior. Installation is made easy by the inclusion of a pre-installation bracket to allow leveling  and adjustment before the speaker is mounted on the wall.

The GXW-15 is a completely new and sophisticated design featuring the powerful control of DSP processing and amazing driver design, honed by using advanced FEA computer simulations. Standing in the same foot-print as its predecessor, Monitor Audio engineers have managed to increase the driver size to a 15" ultra long throw driver. This not only gives a significant increase in SPL, but it is also much more controlled and produces effortless delivery. The driver has a massive 38mm (1 1/2") of linear excursion ensuring the driver voice coil remains under the linear control of the magnetic gap at all times.
The new 650 watt D2AUDIO®DSP controlled amplifier utilizes advanced Switch-mode power conversion techniques and superior processing to increase dynamic control and far greater head-room before any sign of distortion. The DSP parameters have been tuned to ensure the driver can never be fed with an overdriven signal. This means there is absolutely no way the driver can go outside of its control boundaries.
The sealed box construction ensures this powerful combination delivers tight, powerful bass all the way down to a 18Hz. Combined with a front firing driver, this also allows for easy installation and set-up for custom installations or where location in close proximity to a room boundary is necessary. The control panel and display are also designed to ensure it can be viewed when placed in a cabinet. The bright LED display can easily be seen across the room and may be dimmed or turned off.
The GXW-15 features an advanced automatic room correction system called LEO™ (Listening Environment Optimizer). Setting up a sub-woofer in a room is not always the easiest thing to achieve. Boominess can be caused by close proximity to corners or walls, which causes irregularities in the frequency response. Using LEO™ completely removes this effect, utilizing  the supplied microphone. Test tones automatically calculate the irregularities. The result is a corrected frequency response, optimized for the room. The LEO™ system provides Automatic Room Mode Correction (ARMC) for easy set up and perfect sound quality.
Finish Options:
Dark Walnut, Bubinga, Piano Black Gloss, Piano White Gloss (GX50 only, other models available by special order)
GX 50                    $1795.00 pr
GX 100                  $2195.00 pr
GX 200                  $4495.00 pr
GX 300                  $5495.00 pr
GX-150-C               $1095.00 ea
GX-350-C               $1695.00 ea
GX-FX                    $1095.00 ea
GXW-15                 $2795.00 ea
GX Stands              $595.00 pr
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C-CAM, RST & HiVe, are registered trade marks of Monitor Audio Ltd
LEO™ Is a registered trademark of D2Audio (Intersil Inc.)
Monitor Audio designs, engineers and manufactures British loudspeakers of the highest quality. Since 1972 Monitor Audio has been at the forefront of loudspeaker technology, perfecting the implementation of metal drivers. It is renowned for exemplary speaker cabinet construction and finish.
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