August 16, 2011
Dynaudio Releases All-New Focus Series Loudspeakers

By Gary Reber

Danish high-end loudspeaker manufacturer Dynaudio has released an all-new Focus loudspeaker series. The first Dynaudio Focus series debuted in 2005, and soon became Dynaudio’s most successful model range. Each new second-generation Focus model has been improved in every possible manner over the previous range, with the performance updates including all-new drivers, upgraded crossovers, and an improved cabinet construction.
Dynaudio’s latest technologies have been incorporated into the new Focus models: Newly developed drivers with improved voice coil and spider assemblies, stronger magnets, and performance-optimized die-cast aluminum basket frames; soft dome tweeters featuring a new and improved precision coating; and fine-tuned phase-optimized first-order crossover designs.
Dynaudio tweeter designs require a time-consuming and labor intensive process where the fine fabric diaphragm is shaped into a dome and then is precisely treated with a specially formulated coating. Dynaudio has further optimized this coating process in the new Focus tweeters, which are essentially like a small Dynaudio Esotar”
 tweeter. With the new Precision Coating, the coating is now applied more evenly and more accurately than previously possible, enabling a perfectly shaped, perfectly coated dome, This yields an even smoother sound and ideal radiation over the tweeter’s entire frequency spectrum, which ultimately delivers an even better reproduction of the finest audible details and significantly improved high frequency resolution.
The drivers in the new Focus range feature Dynaudio‘s distinctive center magnet system, where the magnet is positioned inside the voice coil, thus allowing a larger and more homogenous magnetic field to be utilized. Dynaudio innovated the use of aluminum wire for the voice coil, in comparison to the more commonly used and heavier copper alternative, thus yielding an extraordinarily large diameter coil that remains extremely light, making it possible to effectively double the coil diameter without increasing its mass. The aluminum coil of the new Focus series has been further improved with a more heat resistant insulation.
The voice coil former of the new Focus midrange and bass drivers is made of black Kapton®, an advanced material that is non-magnetic,
temperature stable, and very stiff yet extremely lightweight. Black Kapton® yields a much stronger coil former which allows higher power handling and enables the voice coil to consistently perform under ideal conditions, with perfectly controlled driver movement even during extremely dynamic passages or at very high volume levels.
These midrange and bass drivers in the new Focus models feature Dynaudio’s exclusive MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) cone, a material that combines low mass, high rigidity, and ideal internal damping properties. The characteristically designed membrane is formed in a special manufacturing process, and utilizes a geometrically-optimized shape to further enable smooth sound radiation and an ideal break-up pattern. Combined with more powerful new Ferrite+ magnets and an improved driver suspension featuring a new spider material which enables a more linear cone excursion, the new Focus driver design results in an extremely precise, incredibly fast and completely controlled woofer movement for accurate music reproduction – even at higher volumes.
The drivers utilize new, ultra-rigid die cast aluminum baskets for increased rigidity and lower
resonance. The cabinet construction of the new Focus cabinets has been improved over the previous range for lower resonance and greater rigidity via internal damping panels, which enables an even better performance of the drivers. The crossovers deliver even better phase linearity, and utilize a new PCB layout and the finest grade components, finely-tuned to match the new drive units.
The net result is a powerful yet extremely precise bass response with greater dynamics and increased precision, a more open, more accurate and more transparent midrange, and a high frequency reproduction offering excellent speed, greater resolution and detail, and a smoother sound character.  
Now shipping, the new Dynaudio Focus series is comprised of the Focus 160 ($2,900/pair) two-way compact monitor, the Focus 260 ($4,900/pair) two-way floor standing loudspeaker, the Focus 340 ($7,500/pair) three-way floor standing loudspeaker, the Focus 380 ($9,500/pair) three-way floor standing loudspeaker, and the Focus 210C ($1,800/each) center channel loudspeaker. Each model is available in a choice or either Walnut, Rosewood, Maple or Black Ash natural wood or Piano Black or Piano White gloss lacquer finish.
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About Dynaudio:
Dynaudio, founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark, is a leading manufacturer of high performance loudspeaker systems, having established itself as one of the largest and most advanced high-end audio companies worldwide. Dynaudio’s home audio loudspeaker products are renowned for their high-tech drivers that are designed, engineered and manufactured completely in-house, and for their hand-crafted, furniture grade cabinetry. Dynaudio has consistently refined its core technologies while diversifying into other product categories to evolve into the leading loudspeaker specialist that the company has become. Distributed in over 60 markets globally, Dynaudio produces a diverse range of dedicated audiophile grade loudspeaker models and drivers for Specialty Audio and Home Theater, Professional Studio, Car Audio and OEM applications.
To this day, the Dynaudio R&D team relies on its own innovations for material selection, manufacturing processes, component matching, and quality control. Aside from manufacturing a wide range of award-winning audiophile home audio loudspeaker systems and supplying high-end audio companies with audiophile-grade driver components, Dynaudio has established itself as one of the leading professional audio companies by bringing its innovative loudspeaker technology into recording studios. The world’s most advanced studios are equipped with Dynaudio monitors, while Dynaudio loudspeakers have also been selected as the official reference loudspeaker of the venerable BBC Radio & Music (British Broadcast Company). Dynaudio's aftermarket automotive loudspeaker models have brought the company’s technology and performance to the car audio industry, perfectly evoking the high-end sound quality the company had become synonymous with. Dynaudio has since been summoned to develop true high-end factory fitted high fidelity loudspeaker systems for automobile manufacturers Volvo, Volkswagen and Bugatti. All Dynaudio production is based in Skanderborg, and Dynaudio has earned the honour of ISO/TS 16949 and QS 9001 certification, confirming the quality of manufacture at the company's production facility.

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