September 4, 2008
Avielo by projectiondesign Unveiled

projectiondesign unveiled five new projectors today as part of their new Avielo home theatre line.

By Danny Richelieu

As was first announced in late August, projectiondesign has introduced five new home theatre projectors to the home theatre market under the new brand name Avielo, two of which they showed in their booth at the 2008 CEDIA Expo.

All five projectors were being shown as static displays in their booth and two of the projectors—the 1080p single-chip DLP Optix (about $26,000) and 1080p three-chip Helios (somewhere between $65,000 and $70,000)—were demonstrated using a copy of Casino Royale on Blu-ray™ as a source.

Unlike most typical projectors, the Optix uses two independent Philips VIDI Ultra High Pressure (UHP) lamps with their own color wheels, which are independently controlled to work in unison for delivering an image to the screen. projectiondesign says this approach leads to more natural color saturation and improved brightness, while also improving overall contrast. The demos of the Optix projector were very sharp, with a good sense of dimension in the image. Color saturation seemed very natural as well, unlike most demonstrations on the floor that feature overly saturated, unnatural colors.

The three-chip Helios uses a newly developed all-glass
prism to separate the white light from its VIDI bulb into red, green, and blue, a departure from most three-chip projectors, which use dichroic mirrors to filter the correct colors into their appropriate chip. The result, projectiondesign says, is less light wash bouncing within the light engine, which can result in less than optimal black levels. The Helios is said to have a native contrast ratio of 10,000:1 without the need for a dynamic iris system and has the lumen output potential to drive screens up to 300 inches wide.

Philips' VIDI bulb has a processor controlled ballast system that allows for users to select programmable lightwave shapes, which is said to result in both increased brightness and contrast over more typical UHP bulbs. Each projector in the Avielo line uses Philips VIDI lamps.

The Avielo line is rounded out by the 720p Prisma, the 1080p single-chip Spectra, and the 1080p single-chip Radiance. All five Avielo projectors are only available from projectiondesign custom installation dealers. The Prisma and Spectra are available now, while the Radiance and Optix will be available by the end of October. The Helios will be available later, but no timetable was set at

The projectors come pre-calibrated from the factory, done on a projector-by-projector basis when they are manufactured at projectiondesign's factory in Fredrickstad, Norway, but additional calibration in the home can still be made using projectiondesign's Real Color management suite. Each of the Avielo projectors are available in designer shades of Etruscan Bronze and Pearl White.

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