September 3, 2011
MartinLogan Slims Down with EFX On-Wall Electrostatic Speaker

The wall-mountable electrostatic speaker features curvilinear XStat technology and a low-profile cabinet that allows it to serve as a space-saving surround or front-channel speaker in a multi-channel electrostatic system.

By Gary Reber

MartinLogan, the world’s leader in electrostatic speaker technology, proudly announces the new EFX™ hybrid electrostatic on-wall speaker. MartinLogan’s slimmest reference quality on-wall solution to date, the EFX’s electrostatic panel is housed in a radical, ultra-ridged extruded aluminum and composite AirFrame™ making the panels extremely rigid while maximizing playable surface area and dipole sound radiation. The EFX’s Curvilinear Line Source (CLS™) XStat transducer builds upon the legacy of MartinLogan's electrostatic heritage with controlled dispersion, advanced vacuum bonding, and MicroPerf design providing the highest levels of efficiency and precision.

The EFX can be seen, along with other new products and demonstrations, at CEDIA EXPO 2011, Sound Room 16 (SR-16) from September 8-10, 2011.
The new EFX provides loyal electrostatic speaker enthusiasts the flexibility for either surround or front solutions in a slim, space saving package. Perfectly suited to hang on the wall next to a flat panel TV, the EFX comes with a sturdy pivoting wall bracket, making it easy to mount, adjust and angle for the best possible multi-channel movie and music

Featuring an advanced crossover topology derived from the MartinLogan CLX™ loudspeaker, the EFX crossover utilizes precision audiophile-grade metal film capacitors and high-purity air-core coils. This design flawlessly preserves microscopic subtleties while handling the broadest range of dynamics contained within even the most demanding sonic source.

The diaphragm at the heart of the EFX’s electrostatic transducer employs a sophisticated conductive coating applied to the polymer surface at the atomic level using a plasma bonding process. A proprietary compound is driven into the surface of the polymer film in an oxygen free argon chamber. This process allows extremely uniform surface resistivity characteristics, an optically transparent surface, and a nearly massless diaphragm resulting in industry leading levels of accuracy.

To eliminate the need for a traditional IEC power cord and significantly increase ease of installation, especially for custom applications, the EFX features a low-voltage DC power supply and proprietary five-way binding posts. To further enhance custom application options, the EFX is only 6.5 inches deep when mounted on its pivoting
wall-bracket (included).

“With each passing year an ever increasing number of audio enthusiasts are turning to space-saving on-wall speakers, especially when assembling a high-performance home theater system. Since launching the original Stylos on-wall electrostatic speaker nearly 20 years ago, the engineering behind on-wall solutions has improved dramatically, resulting in the ability to build a truly reference quality system without sacrificing floor space,” said Justin Bright, Director of Marketing for MartinLogan. “We are proud to continue offering audiophile quality home theater solutions that will keep up with even our most ambitious flag ship models.”

The EFX on-wall electrostatic speakers are priced at $3,095 per pair (US) and they are now shipping to select high-performance audio retailers.

For more information on the new EFX speakers from MartinLogan, visit their website at:

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