December 23, 2011
James Loudspeaker Introduces The 63SA-7 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

• Full 3-Way Design But Only A 76mm Opening! • 50mm Mid & 20mm Tweeter Offer Excellent Off-Axis Coverage. • Complex Multi-Element Network For Silky Smooth Response. • Concealed Micro-Power-Pipe TM Woofer For 38Hz Bass Response. • Easily Removable

By Gary Reber

Designed to meet high demanding designers criteria while satisfying the most critical of listeners. The James Loudspeaker SA series packs 38hz into a 3-inch aperture. The deep bass and significant excursion pattern emitting from such a small opening is a tribute to James’ engineering excellence. The 63SA-7 is part of the new “Small-Aperture” collection of in-ceiling and in-wall systems that provide high volume levels, deep bass and wide coverage from a small 3” flush and seamless opening.

The system is a true full range, 3-way design with a 20mm titanium dome tweeter, 50mm titanium midrange driver and a 165mm Mini PowerPipeTM subwoofer – all concentrically mounted.  The point source mid/high module provides excellent off-axis response and the hidden Mini-PowerPipeTM woofer generates bass below 39Hz for a truly full-range music experience.  Yet, the user only sees a 76mm round (or 76mm square) seamless flush opening.  The grille configuration has industry standard mounting and accepts high-end lighting trim kits to allow the speaker to match lighting fixtures in the same installation.

The 63SA-7 is ordered in two parts – the preconstruction kit is the powerpipe subwoofer and is installed before drywall is installed.  After the construction is completed, the tweeter/mid module is simply connected and installed into the 3”(76mm) opening and the selected grille/trim kit added to complete the installation.

A satisfied user stated, “Small Aperture Series -- the experience is dumbfounding and defies logic. How can this 3-inch (76mm) flush mount opening in the ceiling produce such  astounding sound? Not only that, but the image is in front of you, not above you. Or, a dual 8’’ sub that fits in a conventional stud bay and outputs low in the wall through a dual gang plate?”   — Rich Jackson - Rich Jackson Inc, Principal, Northern California Rep Firm

"What strikes me about James Loudspeaker Small Aperture is that it produces vast sound yet so well hidden. Everybody wants invisible, but to achieve that many others sacrifice sound quality. With Small Aperture, you have true low frequency, with a very small footprint. We sold fourteen 63SA-7 in-ceiling speakers to a customer
and the install was barely visible.”  
— Paul LaBute, Paul Labute Inc.  Dealer in Dallas TX.  Owner.

"Combining low-profile design, ease-of-installation, and stunning sonic reproduction, the James Small Aperture Series speakers are currently unrivaled in terms of aesthetics and in-ceiling/in-wall performance. Touting a 3-way, 38Hz-22kHz reproduction from a flush, 3”(76mm) opening, these speakers have set the bar for high-end distributed audio. We proudly recommend the Small Aperture line to clients, architects, designers, and builders alike."    — Chris Behmer, Senior Design Engineer

Other models include:
63SA-4 3-way speaker,101.5mm wall installations.
81SA-4 254mm subwoofer.

Small Aperture Series
Start date - December 2, 2010
Approximate value - $1,200 US MSRP

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