April 24, 2012
Theta Digital Releases 12-Channel AES/EBU Balanced Digital Output Card For Casablanca II HD Music And Cinema Controller

By Gary Reber

Theta Digital has begun shipping a new upgraded digital output card for their Casablanca III HD Music and Cinema Controller. Called simply "The 12-Channel Digi-Out Card," the new add-on adds flexibility to the platform and brings Casablanca II HD owners one step closer to the original signal.

The 12-Channel Digi-Out Card supports balanced AES/EBU digital output at signal rates up to 192 kHz and 24-bit word depth in channel pairs; L/R: Center/Subwoofer; Surround L/R; Surround Back L/R; Suwoofers 4/5 or Surround Center. An on-board programmable FPGA allows the user to oupdate channel assign,ents as needed for future enhancements. MSRP for the digital output card is $1,995.00.

The Digi-Out Card opens a window for improved performance possible from the use of advanced outboard DAC's like Theta Digital's own Generation VIII Series 3.

For more information visit www.thetadigital.com

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