August 10, 2012


By Gary Reber

Mozaex, a manufacturer of multi-room Blu-ray entertainment servers and peripherals, announced today it has launched BluWavs™, a revolutionary, patent pending series of 7.1 HD Audio headphones. The company will be demonstrating BluWavs and their entire product line of entertainment servers during the 2012 CEDIA Expo, held in Indianapolis from Sept. 6 – 8 at the Indiana Convention Center, booth 5655. 

BluWavs are the world’s first Blu-ray 7.1 Discrete HD Audio headphones

“Mozaex has once again set a new standard in luxury home entertainment with the release of the first headphones to support Blu-ray 7.1 discrete HD Audio” said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. “BluWavs are also the first headphones to include a BluWav ‘Blender’ Audio Console which allows users to fine-tune the volume and EQ of ten discrete speakers to meet their personal surround sound listening preferences.”

The BluWav Blender includes new technology called PLUSH (Personally Leveled Ultimate Surround Headphones). PLUSH allows the listener to instantly select their own personal audio profile for the richest, most enveloping surround sound experience. For example, the volume levels of the 10 discrete speakers and the EQ levels of the front speakers can be adjusted to create a warmer, deeper bass sound, or adjust the center and rear levels for louder movie dialogue and greater spatial effects. 

BluWavs combine highest quality music headphones with 7.1 HD Audio and personalization 

“Over the past two years, we worked with industry experts to design headphones that combine the absolute best sounding music with the clearest, most immersive 7.1 HD Audio for watching movies,” added Kihm. 

“This product is actually a life-long goal of mine, which began about 40 years ago when I built my first pair of stereo headphones and more recently when I began to design a solution for my own hearing loss. I am thrilled to see from the initial feedback that BluWavs not only delivers HD surround sound audio that is many times the quality of stereo headphones, but that others like me appreciate being able to finally watch a movie without sub-titles and without disturbing other people.”

BluWavs patent pending technology addresses a unique niche in a multi-billion dollar market

While the market for stereo music and gaming headphones continues to experience high growth with over $2 billion in total headphone sales in the USA alone, little attention has been paid to delivering a product that offers the best audio quality for both stereo and surround sound media, such as Blu-ray. In spite of a general slowdown in consumer electronics, worldwide sales for headphones continue to experience rapid growth.  As reported on February 6, 2012 by Gfk at the BADA (British Audio-Visual Dealers Association), UK sales of headphones are up 26.4 percent in value with a total UK headphone market “worth more than £163m which is equal to the entire market for hi-fi and home cinema sectors which has fallen to a 20-year low of £167m”.

Continued from the BADA report, “UK consumers bought more than 10 million pairs of headphones in 2011 – almost two million more sets than we did in 2010. The price we're paying is also increasing, with the UK headphone market now worth £163,217,000.” 

Mozaex believes that besides the huge growth in the mobile market consumers are paying a higher price for higher quality. BluWavs patent pending technology uniquely addresses the un-served surround sector of this fast growing market.  Only BluWavs delivers HDMI 7.1 discrete HD Audio.  Other surround sound headphones only support lower quality SD Audio and are typically used on USB or SPDIF computer game consoles or offer “virtual audio technology” that attempts to create virtual 5.1 SD Audio using conventional stereo headphones. 

BluWavs meets dealer needs for a truly unique, value-added, non-retail store product

Kihm continued, “BluWavs offers our network of custom home electronic dealers an opportunity to expand their sales with a truly unique, value-added product that their clients won’t find at a consumer retail store. BluWavs are the perfect add-on peripheral to any mid to high-end home theater project.” 

BluWavs meets MDU client needs for an unobtrusive way to enjoy HD quality entertainment

BluWavs offers a great opportunity to dealers to meet the growing needs of millions of people who live in condominiums and other Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs) who are constrained from loudly playing their movies and music. For example, in Europe, 50 percent of people live in MDUs. The U.S. is quickly catching up with more than a third of all U.S. residents living in approximately five million MDU buildings that range from apartments to high rise condominiums.

BluWavs are first to deliver DTS HD Master, Dolby TrueHD and LPCM HD quality audio

Blu-ray Disc® revolutionized home theatre with its 1080p video and 7.1 HD quality audio formats. BluWavs HD Audio delivers bit rates up to 27 Mbps (or 18 times the quality of standard definition formats). Until now dealers were unable to offer their clients exceptional 7.1 HD Audio quality headphones. 

BluWavs patent pending technology universally supports all popular HD Audio formats and interfaces, including DTS® HD Master and Dolby® TrueHD HD Audio plus HDMI and Multi-Channel pre-amp outputs.     

BluWavs includes vibration subwoofer to deliver music and bass thumping scenes you can feel

Its patent pending technology includes the first vibration subwoofer speaker driver that has its own dedicated bass booster amplifier and crossover which can be adjusted to deliver bass sounds the listener can literally feel.  BluWavs are designed to dramatically enhance the user experience when playing movies, music, games and online surround sound media such as NetFlix and iTunes.

USA and Canadian Pricing (Contact Mozaex for International pricing)

BluWavs includes a single Headset and Blender Console. The Blender Console is available at the same price in either a Shelf enclosure or rack mountable.  Additional Headsets are sold separately.

Two models are available. BluWavs A10 supports analog inputs while BluWavs AD10 supports both analog and digital HDMI inputs. Both models support 10 speakers per Headset and two Headsets when using the analog pre-amp input or by adding an optional Headset Amp.

BluWavs A10 – Analog - Includes one headset and Blender A10 – Price: $1,695 MSRP USA

BluWavs AD10 – Analog/Digital – Includes one headset and Blender AD10 – Price: $2,295 MSRP USA

BluWav Headset - Includes one BluWav Headset - Price: $895 MSRP USA

BluWav Headset Amp – Optionally adds one Headset to the Blender - Price: $595 MSRP USA

BluWavs are covered by a limited two-year parts and labor warranty plus free product lifetime support. 

BluWavs are set to begin shipping on November 1st 2012.


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