August 13, 2012
Stream TV Networks And Hisense Launch Consumer Glasses-Free 3D HDTV

By Gary Reber

Stream TV Networks has partnered with Hisense®, the leading China TV-maker to bring an affordable glasses-free 3D HDTV to market. Hisense has a presence in over 80 countries and regions including North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. Hisense® products are sold at Walmart, Costco, HHGregg and others.

The technology partnership will pave the way for affordable no-glasses 3D TVs worldwide.

Stream TV Networks has developed a breakthrough technology that delivers ‘t
rue and natural’ glasses-free 3D images, absent of the distorted images you currently get with all attempts at glasses-free 3D TV technologies.
Stream TV Networks will be announcing a technology partnership with Hisense and a range of televisions and other products featuring Ultra-D™ (3D without glasses) technology at IFA, Berlin. The first product being marketed will be a 42-inch 1080p Auto Stereoscopic 3D display with plans for additional 3D without glasses displays, smart televisions, tablets and smartphones incorporating the Ultra-D™ technology.
Mathu Rajan, CEO Stream TV Networks said: “This partnership with our glasses-free 3D technology breakthrough will not only bring an affordable glasses-free 3D TV to market but also elevate Hisense into the top echelon of TV-makers in the world, rivalling the Korean and Japanese".

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