March 26, 2013
Schneider Kino-Slide Introduces Easy Projector And Anamorphic Lens Alignment

By Gary Reber

Schneider Optics has introduced the new Kino-Slide motorized anamorphic lens deployment system. With a mechanical design that is elegantly simple to use, the Kino-Slide is also as rugged and reliable as the most popular traditional motion systems.

Ideal for demanding installations in screening rooms and corporate media centers, the Kino-Slide is also surprisingly economical for home theaters. It is lighter weight, more compact and less expensive than expected for such a high duty-cycle unit. Along with Schneider Optics' Cine Digitar anamorphic lenses, including the CDA 1.33X, the combination offers mechanical reliability and optical superiority. Cine Digitar anamorphic lenses allow use of all the pixels in a full HD 1080p projector, for the highest possible resolution without black bars. Use of these tools make it easy to deploy anamorphic lenses to create true 2.35 aspect ratio (Cinemascope®) images.

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The Kino-Slide offers the capability for quick and easy adjustment of displacement including pitch, yaw and roll, for optimum lens alignment..
Often referred to as a “lens slide”, the unit features a motorized mechanism that moves the lens parallel to the projector in and out of the light path.

This system offers a long-range RF remote trigger utilizing 433MHz, which has been approved in US, Canada and EU. Additionally there’s an RS232 port via a RJ45 form factor for trigger command. Contact trigger closure is via a 2-pin connector. The 12V
trigger is available via a 3.5mm jack. Additionally, the system includes an On-board Reverse-Home-Position Dip Switch and On-board Self-Cycling-Demo Mode Dip Switch controls.

The Kino Universal Mount (54-018742) is the latest solution to mount the Kino-Slide. This versatile system interfaces with the typical 1-1/2" pipe that is used for most ceiling mounting.

For more information, contact Schneider Optics at 818 766 3715 and 

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