April 5, 2013
DVDO Launches QUICK6™ 6 x 2 4K Ultra HD HDMI® SWITCHer with INSTAprevue® TECHNOLOGY

4K Ultra HD HDMI switching with 3D, Audio Return Channel and MHL®

By Gary Reber

 DVDO®, Inc. <http://www.dvdo.com, an award-winning provider of high-quality, high-definition (HD) video processing, switching and connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of the company’s latest product, the Quick6™ 6 x 2 4K Ultra HD HDMI switcher.  

The Quick6 high-performance HDMI switcher upgrades home theater installations to the latest video connectivity technologies including InstaPrevue technology, which enables a live picture-in-picture preview of each connected HDMI device.  It is an essential component for home theater installations with multiple HDMI sources. 

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Quick6 meets the needs of the most demanding home theater installations including 300MHz HDMI inputs, InstaPrevue, and InstaPort®S and support for MHL mobile devices. Unlike traditional HDMI switchers, Quick6 is designed specifically to integrate with existing A/V Receivers (AVRs), upgrading the entire home theater with the latest audio and video features and future-proofing with 4K Ultra HD support. The product’s dual HDMI outputs can also be used to drive two displays simultaneously. Entertainment enthusiasts will find the Quick6 HDMI switcher to be an ideal product for new and existing home theater setups with multiple HDMI sources and displays. 

The Quick6 HDMI switcher features:

Six HDMI inputs including:

·  Four (300MHz) 4K Ultra HD capable inputs

·   Two MHL-enabled inputs to connect to mobile devices 

Arial" style="color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-size: 16px;">Dual HDMI outputs – two displays or one display and one AVR

·       InstaPrevue – Live on-screen previews of active inputs 

·       InstaPort S Technology – Near instantaneous input switching

·       Picture-in-Picture

·       Audio Return Channel (ARC)

·       S/PDIF optical and coax outputs

·       Serial port for automation control

·      Automatic switching – 3 modes  

·      USB for easy firmware update

“We are excited to offer this valuable HDMI management solution for consumers and integrators,” said C.H. Chee, General Manager of DVDO. “Not only can Quick6 enable live previews of five HDMI inputs through InstaPrevue, it’s also future proofed with 4K Ultra HD support and MHL technology to connect the smartphone to the TV.  Quick6 is our answer to consumers’ increasing technology needs and a great addition to the current DVDO lineup of video connectivity solutions.”

DVDO’s Quick6 4K Ultra HD HDMI switcher joins the company’s existing products that includes the DVDO Air™ WiHD® system, and iScan™ Duo and EDGE Green™ video processors.

DVDO Quick6 is available with a MSRP of $399 through authorized DVDO distributors, dealers and online partners. 

More information about DVDO’s solutions can be found at www.dvdo.com<http://www.dvdo.com.

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