May 20, 2013
Seymour-Screen Excellence Delivers Retractable, Multi-Aspect Ratio A.T. Film Screen

By Gary Reber

Seymour-Screen Excellence is a brand that specializes in 4K acoustically
transparent film screens. The company uses the finest possible
woven-fabric surfaces so as not to compromise video or performance of
loudspeakers hidden behind the screen. Its screens are marketed to the
custom residential channel however also used by motion picture and post

13px;" /> production studios for their reference capabilities.

SSE is offering a new option to its motorized, retractable model - the
addition of a masking system (also motorized and acoustically
transparent) so the user can seamlessly switch between aspect ratios at
the touch of a button without having to sacrifice screen height

width depending on preference) and without fiddling with projector

This high level of performance and convenience is found in film screens
optimized for dedicated home theaters (fixed frame type designs
permanently mounted onto the
wall that employ masking options of either

motorized or manual types).

So the angle here is that this model brings this same type of
performance and user conveniences to non-dedicated rooms like an
entertainment room or den where often a retractable film screen is
installed in front of a TV and hidden away (retracted) when the TV is in

Seymour-Screen Excellence is now shipping its multi-format retractable (MFR) film screen - a motorized dual-roller acoustically transparent film screen outfitted with a retractable masking system to perfectly frame different aspect ratios. 

The foundation of the MFR is SSE’s exclusive Enlightor-4K woven-fabric acoustically transparent film screen surface. This .98 gain surface is both ISF-certified for color purity and is the only acoustically transparent screen that has no visible holes, weave, texture, or minimum seating 

The MFR is sold with either a lateral system (2 vertical masks) to display 16:9 while maintaining a constant image height on a 2.35 screen, or a horizontal system (1 mask) to display 2.35 while maintaining a constant image width on a 16:9 screen. 

Either of the masking options descends and ascends via a second roller (hidden in the case). SSE specializes in woven-fabric acoustically transparent film screens; all of its masks are made of a black, lightweight acoustically transparent material.  

According to SSE Managing Director Chris Seymour, the company is the only brand to trim its retractable models with a fabric velvet border. Employed is the company’s proprietary Infinite Black™ material which delivers substantially more light absorbing power than that of painted 
borders.  The material also frames the screen image with a sharp, high-contrast edge. 

Exclusive to all of SSE’s retractable designs is the company’s patented Uni-tab™ system which serves to hide most of the side tensioning cables behind the borders. This continuous tension system eliminates the unsightly hourglass shape common to tab-tensioned screens while providing a completely smooth projection surface.

”The Multi-Format Retractable perfectly achieves the same performance and multiple aspect ratio conveniences of our home theater-optimized Reference Fixed-Frame series,” says Seymour.   

“This is a win for homeowners that want to experience these same attributes in a non-dedicated room such as a living or multipurpose room, where the film screen can drop in front of a flat panel with the speaker locations no longer an issue, and completely disappear when not in use.”

The MFR case is made from extruded aluminum and finished in choice of black, white or custom colors; additional options include black velvet or glossy automotive coatings.  The case measures 5.8-inches high x 5.5-inches deep and can accommodate either on-ceiling or on-wall mounting. 
With quiet 120v European 4-wire motors and optional external control box, actuating the MFR screen can be accomplished with SSE’s wall switches, infrared (IR) receivers, Vdc triggers, radio frequency (RF) receivers, RS-232 or several other special order options.

The MFR is available in sizes ranging from 70- to 150-inches wide.  The models are completely built in the US and ship within 3 weeks from order.

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