May 20, 2013
Sherbourn Technologies Introduces The SR-8100 7.1 Channel Receiver

Pro-caliber receiver delivers fast HDMI 1.4 switching with ARC and CEC, professional quality automatic room calibration and correction, and apt-X enabled Bluetooth 3.0 for CD-quality audio from mobile devices

By Gary Reber

Sherbourn Technologies, the first direct-sale manufacturer of professional-caliber audio and video products for home theater and custom installationtoday announced that they are now shipping their new model SR-8100 7.1 Channel Receiver, a professional-grade 7.1-channel A/V receiver that packs all of the features essential for a world-class home theater experience into a compact, bulletproof chassis - designed to withstand the rigors of rack mounting and custom installation.


src="" align="left" hspace="12" alt="" />Within its rugged steel chassis and solid, extruded aluminum faceplate, the SR-8100 hosts a full complement of audiophile components, including seven channels of discrete, high-quality audio amplification, backed by a high current, low noise toroidal power supply. Each channel is capable of delivering 80 watts of ultra-clean dynamic power and, unlike most A/V receivers, that power output is available with all channels driven, not merely one or two.


To provide the highest-quality signals possible to drive

those outputs,  Sherbourn equipped the SR-8100 with twin Cirrus® 32­bit dual­core fixed-point DSP processors, and included support for all the latest high-resolution audio formats via four HDMI 1.4 inputs. HDMI performance is also enhanced by Xpressview™ switching, which delivers clean, speedy transition between sources, as well as support for 3D, Audio Return Channel, and Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). For advanced remote control, the SR-8100 also includes a trigger input and output, an IR remote input and output, and an RS-232 port for serial control.


In addition, it features four stereo analog inputs, four digital audio inputs (two each coaxial and optical), a full set of 7.1-channel pure analog direct inputs for connecting an SACD player or

other high-fidelity surround source, and your choice of balanced or unbalanced subwoofer outputs. Integrated Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities deliver CD quality audio from apt-X capable mobile sources, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The SR-8100 also incorporates a high-quality integrated headphone amplifier for private listening.


“With the SR-8100, we designed a truly professional-quality A/V receiver that not only outshines four-figure consumer-grade models in terms of build-quality, performance, and power capabilities, but manages to do so in an incredibly compact chassis that runs cool, and is built to last,” said Dan Laufman, President. “Not only that, we’re incredibly proud of its canny mix of custom-installation features, consumer ease-of-use, and, perhaps most importantly, value.”


With its customer-friendly rotary encoder input selector, bright easy to read vacuum fluorescent display and full-color onscreen user interface over live video, the SR-8100 boasts simplicity of operation that belies its complex processing and incredible performance.

Users will also appreciate the SR-8100’s extreme flexibility when it comes to setup options. In addition to Sherbourn Advanced Room Correction System™, which automatically calibrates and optimizes the performance of the your entire system (using the included calibrated measurement microphone), the SR-8100 also offers quadruple bass management, with 12 dB or 24 dB per octave crossover filters—configurable in precise 5 Hz steps below 80 Hz and 10 Hz steps above 80 Hz—as well as a powerful parametric equalizer with multiple separate manual EQ banks, each of which feature 11 bands for each main channel and three bands for the subwoofer.


Add second- and third-zone audio outputs, and the SR-8100 delivers everything an A/V enthusiast could want in a true audiophile-caliber multichannel home theater, without the filler features that unnecessarily raise the price of competitive models and contribute to their early obsolescence.


The SR-8100 7.1 Channel Receiver carries a five-year warranty, and is available now for $799, for a limited time only. (SRP: $899.)

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