May 21, 2013
Lumagen® Announces Three New Radiance™ Video Processors

By Gary Reber

Lumagen® has announced the availability of the three additional Radiance™ 20XX family video processors. The first, the Radiance 2022, adds analog video inputs, and associated audio inputs, to the previously announced Radiance 2021. The Radiance 2022 has an input complement of four HDMI, two Component, two SVideo, and two Composite video, matching the RadianceXS-3D for video, and audio, I/O. 

Lumagen is also introducing the Radiance 2041, and the Radiance 2042, which increase the maximum output rate to 4k at 30 Hertz for the Radiance 2021, and Radiance 2022, respectively. 

All Radiance 20XX products include the video calibration and setup features of the award winning Radiance product line, along with integrated Darbee DVP™ technology. Setup and calibration features include 125-point linear-Gamma RGB color palette CMS, 21-point parametric gray-scale and Gamma, a host of setup features, Lumagen’s industry leading No-Ring™ scaling technology, and support for 3D scaling and conversion between 3D formats for displays and projectors that do not support all the common 3D formats 

Lumagen’s president Jim Peterson

stated, “Our customers have been asking us for a product that they can use to drive their 4k displays and projectors at their native 4k rate so they can use Lumagen’s reference quality NoRing™ scaling to convert standard and high definition sources to 4k. With the introduction of these new products, the Radiance family can now support this request.” 

The USA suggested retail pricing is $3,295, $3,495, and $3,995 for the Radiance 2022, Radiance 2041, and Radiance 2042, respectively. 

For further information email, call 503-574-2211, or visit 

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