July 24, 2013
Dark Star, Elite Launches Its Flagship Ambient Light Rejecting Home Theater “Black” Screen

By Gary Reber

Elite Screens, Inc. an innovative company that specializes in quality projection screens, today announced the launch of its DarkStar ambient light-rejecting “black” projection screen material for its Elite Prime Vision  dedicated custom install product line. This is the flagship product of Elite’s expanding line of ambient light rejecting projection screens that includes the PolarStar angular-reflective 3D-2D screen. 
Installers really needed a retro reflective dedicated ambient light product in a retro-reflective format so after much development; EPV has come up with a superb solution.
“For a long time now, the holy grail of projection screen performance would be for the material to match a flat panel’s performance with the same image brightness in ambient light.” said David Rodgers, Marketing Manager, Elite Screens, Inc. “The DarkStar does just that and then some. The dedicated CI market has been asking for more selection of “black screens, aka dark screens” to choose from and our European made material is a phenomenal contender.”
The Dark Star is
professionally engineered to incorporate optical filters that actively reflect a projected image while preventing indirect or ambient light from “washing out” the picture. The retro-reflective material has been designed specifically for the home theater environment. With the sublime balance of gain, contrast and viewing angle, the DarkStar brings a hard-hitting performance to either a well lit or dark projection room.  
The 1.4 gain material offers dazzling brightness with color neutrality while maintaining superior contrast for enhanced black levels. From a microscopic perspective, the DarkStar utilizes a complex design that enhances brightness, filters ambient light and even provides exceptional contrast all within its .03mm thick material.  Direct light is reflected back toward its source with a half gain of 35° horizontally and 16° vertically.  This combination of retro-reflective filters and neutral black contrast layers creates an image where “black-level” details are easily seen without compromising the color balance. In addition to this, a durable surface coating diffuses the light to eliminate
hot-spotting, glare or other visual artifacts commonly encountered with higher-gain screens. Lastly, the material’s durability makes it ideal for either fixed, curved or even roll-up 
screen applications. All this ensures that home theater presentations can be enjoyed in full clarity and detail regardless of whether the room lights are on or off.
Pricing, Availability, Warranty
Elite Prime Vision’s DarkStar  Projection Screen has a starting price at $3,467 (USD) and will be available in a range of sizes from 110-123 inches in a (HDTV) 16:9 aspect ratio  and 140-157 inches in the (“Cinemascope”) 2.4:1 aspect ratio. This is a dedicated CI product available only Elite Prime Vision (EPV), Elite’s dedicated Custom Install channel.   It comes with Elite’s limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

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