Ghostbusters: Answer The Call 3D

Featured In Issue 210, October 2016

3D Picture4.5
WSR Score4.5
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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
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PG-13 / Unrated
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Supernatural action and some crude humor.
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Single Side, Dual Layer (BD-50)
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Paul Feig
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DTS HD Lossless 5.1
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Based on the 1984 classic supernatural comedy, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call follows the team of four women (McCarthy, Wiig, Jones, and McKinnon) who save Manhattan from a sudden invasion of spirits, spooks, and slime that engulfs the city. (Gary Reber)

Both the theatrical version (01:56:34) and the extended version (02:13:44) are available, but the 3D version is the theatrical version. Special features include filmmaker commentaries; two gag reels (HD 15:29); four deleted scenes (HD 09:22); 11 alternate/extended scenes (HD 21:14); six Jokes-A-Plenty alternate take reels (HD 34:30); five featurettes: Chris Hemsworth Is 'Kevin' (HD 07:42), The Ghosts Of Ghostbusters (HD 13:57), Meet The Team (HD 08:04), Visual Effects: 30 Years Later (HD 15:16), and Slime Time (HD 05:15); a photo gallery; and an UltraViolet digital copy. A 4K UltraHD version is also available on the disc.

The 2.40:1 1080p MVC 3D picture is terrific, with lots of effects that protrude out of the screen, Gimmicky? Yes, but fun. The stereo conversion was performed by Legend 3D and Gener8 View-D Stereo. Most scenes are framed at 2.39:1, while some segments are framed at 1.85:1. The new hearse is now white and red, and along with a strongly saturated color palette is striking. Colors are often intense, with vivid neon hues projected from the team's beam machines. The bright hues light up the sequences of mayhem. Other colors that appear as objects, backgrounds, and interiors are also vivid. Fleshtones exhibit a red push, but this is part of the stylization. Contrast is nicely balanced with deep, solid black levels and revealing shadows. Resolution is particularly good during close-ups. As for the 3D, depth and perspective is very natural and effectively and realistically spatially dimensional. Depth is particularly impressive and enhances the set and production designs. This is such a better visual experience compared to the 2D version—and more visually fun and engaging. This is yet another example of how 3D can greatly enhance the storytelling, expanding the dynamics of filmmaking. (Gary Reber)

The DTS-HD Master Audio™ 5.1-channel soundtrack is nicely dynamic sounding with an aggressive, directionalized soundfield, with all sorts of sound effects whizzing around in every direction. Atmospherics are natural sounding, and sound effects are used effectively to punctuate the action sequences. Deep bass is quite powerful and strongly energized in the .1 LFE channel, at times to sub-25 Hz. The bass energy penetrates every channel with dynamic power. The orchestral/choral score is powerful as well, with a strong bass foundation and superb dynamics, which is in full force in the final moments of intense mahem. The music extends wide and deep across the soundstage and aggressively to the surrounds. This is a very fun and exciting, and reference quality holosonic® experience that is certain to please. (Gary Reber)