Clerks II

Featured In Issue 118, March 2007

WSR Score2
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For pervasive sexual and crude content including aberrant sexuality, strong language, and some drug material
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Two-Disc Set: HD30s
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Not Indicated
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Kevin Smith
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Dolby Digital 5.1
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Pulling up to the Quick Stop and finding it fully engulfed, Dante (O'Halloran) and Randall (Anderson) are out-of-work Clerks (II) looking for a menial job to call home, but times are tough. So tough, in fact, that they have to take a job at a fast-food restaurant, Mooby's, where the food is udderly delicious...and udderly processed. Dante, however, keeps a smile on his face and the napkin dispensers full, knowing his time is limited as he has plans, big plans—moving to Florida with fiancee` Emma (Schwalbach) and managing her uncle's car wash. But his Mooby's boss (Dawson) just might udderly change his mind. (Jack Kelley)

Special features on Disc One are the same as those found on Disc One of the standard-definition DVD (Issue 116), and include the following: three commentaries: the first with Director Kevin Smith, Producer Scott Mosier, and Director Of Photography Dave Klein; the second with Smith, Mosier, and Actors Anderson, Fehrman, Mewes, O'Halloran, and Schwalbach; and the third, and last, is a podcast with Smith, Mosier, and Anderson; deleted scenes, specially prepared by our man Smith, and with intro by Smith and Mosier; and a nine-minute look at interspecies erotica. On Disc Two, it's again the same as those found on Disc Two of the standard-definition DVD, which included a pretty darn long (90 minutes; just seven minutes shy of the movie run time) before-the-making-of and behind-the-scenes look, a blooper reel with introduction by Smith and Mosier, and a 10-part video production diary with introduction by Smith and Mosier. In addition, you will find an 18-minute VH1 movie special. Missing from this hi-def disc is the promotional soundtrack information that is found on the standard-definition DVD.

The H.264 AVC-encoded 1.78:1 HD DVD exhibits bloomy whites, poor shadow delineation, and weakly resolved details. The bloomy whites wash out the colors, and the entire image looks digital and edgy. (Danny Richelieu)

The Dolby® Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD is basic, with limited surround envelopment. Dialogue often sounds thin, but the stridence from the DVD is not noticeable. There is a slight improvement in fidelity with the TrueHD encoding, especially noticeable in the fluidity of the dialogue. (Danny Richelieu)