LOST: The Complete Third Season

Featured In Issue 128, February 2008

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Buena Vista Home Entertainment
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Not Rated
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5 Disc Set: 5 BD-50's
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Jack Bender, Paul Edwards, Stephen Williams, Tucker Gates, Paris Barclay, Eric Laneuville, Karen Gaviola, Frederick E.O. Toye & Bobby Roth
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Dolby Digital 5.1
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The castaways are still Lost on the island, and they discover more about their archenemies "The Others" in The Complete Third Season of ABC's hit television show. Leading up to a climactic season finale, one is left to wonder where the series will go from here. (Tricia Spears)

Like the DVD, Discs One, Two, Three, and Four include the option to view an episode with commentary from cast and crew. Disc Six contains all special features and in addition to those found on the DVD, supplements include an interactive panel that unlocks answers to questions—"Access: Granted," and five guided tours—"Blu-Prints: The Sets Of Season 3." The supplements that can be found on the DVD include the featurettes "Lost: On Location," which can be watched in five separate chapters or all together (59 minutes); "Crew Tribute With Evageline Lilly" (seven minutes); "Lost In A Day" (25 minutes); and six minutes of "The Lost Flashbacks" from three separate episodes.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78:1 DVD can look very good, with impressive resolution, deep blacks, and adequate shadow delineation. Colors are bold and vibrant, but fleshtones can have a reddish appearance (although with, presumably, little in the way of suntan lotion, this could be done on purpose). There are many instances when the imagery can look smeared, however, and in darker scenes noise is noticeable. Edge enhancement is minor and generally only distracting on the highest contrast transitions, but pixel breakup and compression artifacts can be recognized at times. The Blu-ray Disc looks fantastic, with very good resolution and superb depth of field. Whites can look slightly too bright. Colors look natural and lush, helping bring life to the presentation. (Danny Richelieu)

The Dolby® Digital 5.1-channel soundtrack features a well-designed mix and good, if inconsistent, fidelity. Each of the full-range channels is incorporated into the mix nicely, especially with the atmospheric effects of the jungle, which are delivered in a way that creates a believably immersive soundstage. Music is mixed well into the soundtrack, with good fidelity and a full presence. Dialogue sounds natural for the most part, but there are times when it can sound forward and strident. There are also times when a high-pitched ringing can be heard. The sound can also sound rather thin at times. The Blu-ray Disc's uncompressed linear PCM encoding does sound good, but dialogue often sounds muddy and harsh. Music and effect fidelity is pristine though, which is definitely the standout of this release. Dialogue levels seem to be over-pumped as well, which can drown out the subtleties of the soundtrack. (Danny Richelieu)