WSR Detailed LaserDisc Review

Life With Mikey

Reviewed In Issue 07 Of Widescreen Review® Stars:
Michael J. Fox, Nathan Lane, Cyndi Lauper, David Krumholtz.

WSR Review Scores
Picture Rating: 3.5
Sound Rating: 3
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DVD General Information
(Studio/Distributor): Touchstone Home Video
(Catalog Number): 2010AS
(MPAA Rating): PG
(Retail Price): $39.99
(Running Time In Minutes): 91
(Color Type): Color
(Chaptered/Scene Access): Yes
(Closed Captioned): Yes
(Theatrical Release): 1993
(LD Release Date): 11/93
(THX® Digitally Mastered): No

Credits Information
(Director): James Lapine
(Screenplay/Written By): Marc Lawrence
(Story): NA
(Music): Alan Menken
(Director Of Photography):
(Production Designer): Adrianne Lobel
(Visual Effects):
(Costume Designer):
(Editor): Robert Leighton
(Supervising Sound Editors):
(Re-Recording Mixers):
(Executive Producers): NA
(Co-Producers): NA
(Producers): Teri Schwartz & Scott Rudin

DVD Picture Information
(Principal Photography): Academy Standard Flat
(Theatrical Aspect Ratio): 1.85:1
(Measured LaserDisc Aspect Ratio): 1.82:1

DVD Sound Information
(DVD Soundtrack): Dolby Surround
(Theatrical Sound): Dolby Stereo A
(Theatrical Re-Issue Soundtrack):
(Remastered Dolby Digital): No
(Remastered DTS Digital Surround): No
(Additional Languages):

WSR Narrative Review
Story Synopsis:
Life With Mikey stars Michael J. Fox as a former television child star, Little Mikey, having a little trouble with his new role as a kids’ talent agent to a roster of nearly all un-talented want-to-be-stars. He and his brother own a third-rate agency which is on its last legs and may go under if their only star client, the Ceral King, switches agencies. When he meets Angie, a young vivacious and strong-willed con artist, he sees in her the opportunity to keep his agency. With her street-wise smarts and irresistible charm, she’s a natural for TV commercials. If he can get her to act she could be their ticket to the big time.

LaserDisc Picture:
The picture quality is mediocre and is marred by excessive grain and fleshtone inconsistencies. Otherwise the color fidelity and contrast is good with solid and crisp colors. Noise and video artifacts are also absent. The image on this transfer was measured to be about 1.82:1.

LaserDisc Soundtrack:
The Dolby Surround® soundtrack is also undistinguished, although one can hear the presence of subtle surrounds. Generally the stereo has good definition but it lacks the dynamic contrasts of better tracks.
(Surround Bass Below 50Hz): No
(Aggressive System Surround): No
(Intense 25Hz Bass): No
(Deep Bass Challenging): No
(Aggressive 0.1 LFE):
(Holosonic Soundfield): No
(Aggressive Split Surround): No
(Center Back Surround Imaging): No
(Directionalized Dialogue): No
Superb Sound Effects Recording Quality:
Superb Music Score Recording Quality:
Superb Special Visual Effects Quality:
Superb Color Fidelity:
Superb Cinematography:
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