WSR Detailed LaserDisc Review

Bye Bye Birdie

Reviewed In Issue 11 Of Widescreen Review® Stars:
Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margret, Maureen Stapleton, Bobby Rydell, Jesse Pearson, Ed Sullivan

WSR Review Scores
Picture Rating: 4
Sound Rating: 3
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DVD General Information
(Studio/Distributor): Columbia/TriStar Home Video
(Catalog Number): 79686
(MPAA Rating): Not Rated
(Retail Price): $$34.95
(Running Time In Minutes): 112
(Color Type): Color
(Chaptered/Scene Access): Yes
(Closed Captioned): No
(Theatrical Release): 1963
(LD Release Date): 8/1/1994
(THX® Digitally Mastered): No

Credits Information
(Director): George Sidney
(Screenplay/Written By): Irving Brecher
(Story): NA
(Music): Charles Strouse & Lee Adams
(Director Of Photography):
(Production Designer): Paul Groesse
(Visual Effects): NA
(Costume Designer): Pat Barts
(Editor): Charles Nelson, ACE
(Supervising Sound Editors): Charles J. Rice
(Re-Recording Mixers):
(Executive Producers): NA
(Co-Producers): NA
(Producers): Fred Kohlmar

DVD Picture Information
(Principal Photography):
(Theatrical Aspect Ratio): 2.35:1
(Measured LaserDisc Aspect Ratio): 2.25:1

DVD Sound Information
(DVD Soundtrack): Dolby Surround
(Theatrical Sound): Mag Stereo & 70mm 6 Track Mag Stereo
(Theatrical Re-Issue Soundtrack):
(Remastered Dolby Digital):
(Remastered DTS Digital Surround):
(Additional Languages):

WSR Narrative Review
Story Synopsis:
From the book by Michael Stewart, Bye, Bye Birdie is an uproarious spoof of the stir created when Elvis Presley was inducted into the army. Stage director Gower Champion’s play comes to film brilliantly thanks to a terrific cast and unforgettable songs. Ann-Margret is sizzling as she jiggles and pouts her way through Onna White’s choreography as Kim McAfee, the lucky fan club member who will receive “One Last Kiss” from Conrad Birdie on the Ed Sullivan show before being carted off to Basic Training. Jesse Pearson’s teen idol gyrations put The King’s to shame and Janet Leigh’s turn as a jilted party girl at Maude’s Madcap Café is a real treat.

LaserDisc Picture:
The picture has been recomposed at 2.25:1 and has a Technicolor (uncredited) look overall with natural but strong fleshtones and colors that pop with their vivid hues. Some artifacts detract from the otherwise pleasing picture. Originally blownup to 70mm, but not shown as a roadshow.

LaserDisc Soundtrack:
The soundtrack is slightly mis-synced on some song and dance numbers, but otherwise is it quite enjoyable and buoyant, with defined stereo separation.
(Surround Bass Below 50Hz):
(Aggressive System Surround):
(Intense 25Hz Bass):
(Deep Bass Challenging):
(Aggressive 0.1 LFE):
(Holosonic Soundfield):
(Aggressive Split Surround):
(Center Back Surround Imaging):
(Directionalized Dialogue):
Superb Sound Effects Recording Quality:
Superb Music Score Recording Quality:
Superb Special Visual Effects Quality:
Superb Color Fidelity:
Superb Cinematography:
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