WSR Detailed LaserDisc Review

Double Team
Genre:Action Adventure

Reviewed In Issue 27 Of Widescreen Review® Stars:
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Rodman, Paul Freeman & Mickey Rourke

WSR Review Scores
Picture Rating: 5
Sound Rating: 5
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DVD General Information
(Studio/Distributor): Columbia/TriStar Home Video
(Catalog Number): 83236
(MPAA Rating): R
(Retail Price): $34.95
(Running Time In Minutes): 93
(Color Type): Color
(Chaptered/Scene Access): Yes
(Closed Captioned): Yes
(Theatrical Release): 1997
(LD Release Date):
(THX® Digitally Mastered): No

Credits Information
(Director): Tsui Hark
(Screenplay/Written By): Don Jakoby & Paul Mones
(Story): Don Jakoby
(Music): Gary Chang
(Director Of Photography):
(Production Designer): Marek Dobrowolski
(Visual Effects): Modern Videofilm
(Costume Designer): Magali Guidasci
(Editor): Bill Pankow
(Supervising Sound Editors): Sandy Gendler, MPSE
(Re-Recording Mixers):
(Executive Producers): Don Jakoby & David Rogers
(Co-Producers): Rick Nathanson & Nansun Shi
(Producers): Moshe Diamant

DVD Picture Information
(Principal Photography):
(Theatrical Aspect Ratio): 2.35:1
(Measured LaserDisc Aspect Ratio): 2.38:1

DVD Sound Information
(DVD Soundtrack): Dolby Surround
(Theatrical Sound): SDDS Digital
(Theatrical Re-Issue Soundtrack):
(Remastered Dolby Digital): No
(Remastered DTS Digital Surround): No
(Additional Languages):

WSR Narrative Review
Story Synopsis:
Van Damme stars as Jack Quinn, the nation’s top anti-terrorist who (take a wild guess) wants to call it quits. But on the eve of his final mission, he misses his target—the enigmatic and dangerous Stavros (Mickey Rourke)—losing everything in a split second. When he realizes his wife and unborn child have become Stavros’ vengeful target, Quinn relies on the one man who can help him—weapons dealer, Yaz (Dennis Rodman).

LaserDisc Picture:
The picture, framed at 2.38:1, is exemplary and is sourced from a Sony High Definition transfer. Color fidelity is superb and exhibits vibrant colors, natural fleshtones and deep blacks. Images are always sharp and detailed for a stunning picture experience.

LaserDisc Soundtrack:
The matrix Dolby® Surround soundtrack is spatial and dynamic with deep, extended bass response. Dialogue spatial integration is excellent and natural sounding. The music score is well recorded with soundstage imaging that is deep and wide. Sound effects are spread wide and are directionalized. This is an exciting sonic experience and is exceptional reference material.
(Surround Bass Below 50Hz): Yes
(Aggressive System Surround): Yes
(Intense 25Hz Bass): No
(Deep Bass Challenging): No
(Aggressive 0.1 LFE):
(Holosonic Soundfield): Yes
(Aggressive Split Surround): No
(Center Back Surround Imaging): No
(Directionalized Dialogue): No
Superb Sound Effects Recording Quality:
Superb Music Score Recording Quality:
Superb Special Visual Effects Quality:
Superb Color Fidelity:
Superb Cinematography:
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