Marantz® To Debut Their Ultimate Performance A/V Preamplifier And Power Amp At CES 2008

[The following is a release from Marantz America]

January 4, 2008

Marantz America, a renowned manufacturer of advanced home entertainment solutions, will introduce two reference-quality home entertainment components at CES 2008, including the AV8003 Networking A/V Preamplifier (SRP: TBD) and the MM8003 Multi-channel Power Amplifier (SRP: TBD). Both innovative products feature a brand new chassis that showcases Marantz’ future direction and give discriminating consumers exciting new solutions for expanding and enhancing their enjoyment of home entertainment, including today’s advanced high-resolution audio and video formats. Both units are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2008. AV8003 Preamplifier: Multi-Zone Processor and Controller The Marantz AV8003 Networking A/V Preamplifier is a THX-Certified, 1080p scaling, multi-source/multi-zone processor that provides users with an easy way to distribute ultimate-quality audio and video entertainment to three separate zones within the home. Marantz’ first built-in video scaler enables enhanced video performance with upconversion and scaling to 1080p from all analog and digital sources and it features a host of today’s most advanced audio and video processing technologies, including HDMI Version 1.3a (4-in/2-out), plus Dolby True HD, dts HD Master Audio, Deep Color and more. In addition, it is HD, XM, and Sirius Radio ready (subscription required) and includes a built-in digital media player with Ethernet capability for streaming Audio and video content throughout a networked home. For ease of setup and enhanced performance, the AV8003 features HDMI 1.3 repeating capability, eliminating signal loss and allowing it to repeat 1080p video signals from HDMI input to HDMI output, as well as decode a variety of audio signals via HDMI. With its copper plated chassis and distinctive new styling, based on Marantz’ award winning Reference chassis, the no-compromise AV8003 Reference Preamplifier echoes the renowned voice of the company’s founder, Saul Marantz. For total connectivity flexibility, the AV8003 features XLR Pre Output terminals, XLR audio inputs for SA-CD, Component Video outputs for multi-room, RS-232c, Direct IR Inputs and DC Triggers. MM8003 Stereo Power Amplifier The new MM8003 is a 150 watt x 8 channel power amp that follows closely in the footsteps of Marantz’ highly acclaimed PM-11S1 and the SR9600. Combining the best sonic features of those products along with new flexibility such as 8-channels, XLR input terminals, output channel relay on/off control and slow start to power-on as well as the beautiful new chassis, the MM8003 will be the well suited to meet the demands for any multi-channel home theater system. Because it’s an 8-channel amp, it is the perfect choice for a passive, all In-wall based speaker system, such as those from Snell Acoustics. For accurate tonal and image balance, speed and dynamics with very low distortion, the MM8803 features a massive audiophile-grade toroidal transformer, custom filter capacitors, hand-selected customized components throughout, copper chassis and ultra-wide bandwidth current feedback technology. The combination of these audio-enhancing features results in music reproduction that captures the essence of each recording or movie soundtrack, with every sonic nuance audible in a rich, enveloping soundstage. Boasting 150 watts per channel, the MM8003 will provide clean and stable power to any speaker package available.

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