Polk Cuts The Cord, Not The Bass

New Wireless Compact Subwoofer Goes Anywhere In A Room And Complements Any Speaker System [The following is a release from Polk Audio]

January 16, 2009

Enjoying deep, satisfying bass for music and movies just got a lot easier, thanks to the latest innovation from Polk Audio. The PSWi225 makes the perfect accompaniment to any speaker system requiring authoritative low end response and, an ideal add on for those just listening to their TV audio, without the hassle of long and expensive subwoofer cables. The new PSWi2255 wireless subwoofer features wireless RF signal transmission, a compact, room-friendly enclosure and generous integrated amplification, allowing itto be placed anywhere in a room with no cable connection to the receiver. “Everyone loves what a good subwoofer can do, but not everyone loves having one in the room,” says Mark Suskind, Polk Audio’s Vice President of Product Line Management. “Polk’s wireless subwoofer opens up dramatic new possibilities for music and movie playback systems by allowing placement anywhere in the room where there’s an AC outlet. Now it’s possible to get the best bass performance from a speaker system without the additional installation and clutter of expensive audio cables.” The PSWi225 uses reliable 2.4 GHz wireless transmissions to deliver an impressive 40- 180 Hz response from anywhere in the room, and mates with any audio system by way of a simple pairing action. Thanks to its compact 12x13x12” floor-firing enclosure and wireless reach, the PSWi225 is inconspicuous to the eye, and can be positioned wherever the bass response is most effective. The enclosure features a rugged Long-throw Dynamic Balance® co-polymer driver with Butyl Rubber surround for maximum performance and reliability. Stiff internal bracing and non-resonant heavy-duty MDF construction delivers effortless bass that’s deep, musical and distortion-free. An active crossover system lets the user tailor the response to any sound system. The PSWi2255 is the perfect complement to Polk’s passive SurroundBar® Speaker Series, or any home theater system package. 3 The Polk PSWi2255 will begin shipping March 2009, for a suggested selling price of $399.

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