DTS Preparing To Launch DTS-UHD™ Object-Based Audio Format For Home Theatre

August 14, 2014

Following its first announcement and demonstration at CES 2014, DTS is working on releasing a DTS-UHD™ decoder fitted to a single-chip, high-performance audio DSP from Cirrus Logic. DTS-UHD is the first object-based audio format designed for consumer delivery. Object-based audio brings enhanced realism through more accurate spatial rendering, height audio elements, and customizations that adapt to any speaker layout. In addition to rendering object-based audio content, DTS-UHD supports complete compatibility for playback of DTS channel based content, providing the optimal audio experience from any content featuring DTS audio coding. DTS-UHD Benefits: • Environmentally compensated audio rendering allows consumers to hear audio directionality and dimensionality more precise than ever before possible • Object control enables consumers to interact with key objects within the audio mix and adjust them to preference • Customized rendering designed for arbitrary speaker layouts enables consumers to adapt their AV system to their own home environment rather than pre-determined speaker layouts "We see object-based audio playing a large role in the future of our industry, and are excited to be working with Cirrus Logic to demonstrate their powerful quad-core audio DSP with the capabilities of decoding object-based audio content delivered in the DTS-UHD codec," said Joanna Skrdlant, Senior Director, IC solutions licensing at DTS. "Many of our licensees rely on Cirrus to provide solutions that allow their products to take advantage of DTS audio codecs. Providing licensees with access to the DTS-UHD decoder will allow them to quickly bring to market products capable of delivering new levels of immersive sound enabled by object-based audio."