Tributaries' Go! Active Technology Extended To 18Gbps Tributaries UHDX Series Of Certified 18G HDMI cables

March 1, 2018

As more video content with HDR, Deep Color, Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and 60fps becomes available, the requirement for highest quality 18Gbps HDMI cables capable of fulfilling the promise of HDMI v2.0 becomes critical. Especially cables longer than 4m (13ft), as extended lengths are becoming increasingly in demand. To meet this demand, Tributaries now offers another 18Gbps solution in their UHD HDMI line up: the UHDX 18G EX-TEND cables.

The Tributaries UHDX 18G X-TEND Ultra HighDefinition HDMI cables were expertly engineered to support 18Gbps for long distance runs. These cables are directional in nature due to active electronics built into the display-end connector. The UHDX is powered by Tributaries' innovative 18G Go! Active Technology. 18G Go! Active Technology compensates  for signal attenuation inherent in copper wires. Each data line is received as an attenuated differential pair. Signal conditioning is performed on the positive and negative inputs and the result is equalized using a built-in test feature in the active electronics. In production each cable is tested and equalization values applied specifically for that cable's unique attenuation value resulting in consistently reliable 18Gbps UHD HDMI signal transmission. That's why Tributaries guarantees UHDX will provide 18Gbps 4K/60/Deep Color/HDR UHD HDMI signal transmission.

Tributaries UHDX 18G X-TEND cables have earned the definitive DPL Labs 18Gbps Certification, and has passed ISF's 18Gpbs testing with real world protocol analysis so that the robustness of the cable is proven to perform in a real environment with HDMI 2.0 gear. More important for the customer and/or Custom Installer, Tributaries is the only cable company that tests every cable before it is shipped: Totally Tributaries, Tested, Tried & Trusted.



Tributaries UHDX cables are rated UL® CL2/FT4 for in-wall use and are available now in the increasingly popular 6 meter, 8 meter, 10 meter & 12 meter lengths.